1. K

    100% CPU every time I run OBS.

    Yes, I read the pinned post. Nothing stood out to me as an obvious cause, though I am admittedly not an expert and I may have missed something. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/pSdjTypucevj-pTj i7 4790K RTX 3070 StarTech PEXHDCAP PCI-E Capture Card (supports up to 1080i30p) 32GB RAM...
  2. H

    CPU making stream latency increase to unbearably long even while using NVENC(new)

    Thanks in advance for any help! Specs: i5 7500, 16gb RAM, GTX 1070, Windows 10 (log file is before i updated windows but just to note i still have all the same issues now that im up to date) OBS settings: Streaming at 720p 30fps (was on 60 fps but i dropped it down to make sure that wasnt a...
  3. D

    Streaming PC has single period of High CPU usage then goes back to normal

    Hello everyone, I've had this issues for awhile now and have yet to figure out the exact root of the problem. I'm running a dual PC set up with the streaming pc composed of a i5 4690k OC at 4.27 gHz and a GTX 960. I can stream for several hours without any issue, CPU usage running around...
  4. MyriadAsura

    Bug Report - OpenEncodeSessionEx failed: unsupported device (2): (no details)

    Greetings, I'm running OBS-Studio from community package in Garuda Linux(Arch based distro). Before this I was using it in Manjaro without problems. It says my video card does not have NVENC codec support, even though it has. Here's the log: Attempted path...
  5. Norjia

    missing frames in "Control"

    hello everyone. I got a mild problem and that's actually a problem I've been having with any major title that puts a somewhat bigger load on my GPU. I am missing frames due to rendering lag when streaming control maybe that's due to my bitrate of 4000kbps but I am not sure. I tried limiting the...
  6. B

    Dropping frames when switching to another game

    Hi everyone, I started streaming not too long ago and I seem to have found a pattern regarding dropped frames. I have an arguably solid system (AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Nvidia RTX 2060, 16 GB RAM) and decent internet speeds (300 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload) so I doubt these aspects could be the issue...
  7. A

    NVENC Error, Stream stops randomly. An encoding error occurred while streaming.

    Hello there, Recently after getting rtx3090 i have moved to NVENC encoder for my streaming tasks. Everything seems smooth and fine except one thing. Sometimes, my stream suddenly crashes and I am getting an OBS error: " An encoding error occurred while streaming " Is anyone has any ideas how to...
  8. Nwoob

    Frozen frames,but clear audio, while recording valorant in 1080p60

    The recording works fine for the first few minutes, but all the frames are frozen and not moving after the 4 minute mark, and I can only hear the audio, log file is attached, I really don't know what went wrong, I think my configuration is very much capable on recording this, thanks in advance.
  9. T

    Lagdy video at 5760x2160, any way to fix?

    I have my current video base and scaled resolution at 5760x2160, and the recording set to a mov container, 10000kbps bitrate, and nvenc_hevc encoding. The video runs fine for the first 2ish seconds before dropping to 2 seconds a frame. Anything to change to fix this? I remember changing...
  10. B

    NVENC Encoding Issue

    Hi all, I'm experiencing some weird NVENC recording issue that I never had for months of using. When I try to start record, it will be stopped immediately with an error pop up saying encoding failed, and sometimes it happens in the middle of recording (say 2min into the recording). The recorded...
  11. S

    Encodierungsfehler (Nvenc new)

    Hallo, Mein System: AMD Ryzen 3800x Geforce 1070TI 32GB 3200Mhz HDD,SSD,M2SSD Internet ist 1000MBps Down und 50MBps Up OBS Studio Einstellungen(Bildanhang) ich habe folgendes Problem beim Versuch zu streamen (keine Aufnahme benötigt). Über x264 funktioniert alles, würde aber gerne NVENC...
  12. A

    Encoding and Rendering lag?

    Hello, I tried many ways to solve my problem: Updating, Reinstalling, Run as Administrator My problem is that I cannot record or stream... After click I get a message "An encoding error occured while recording" After I view stats and have nothing running, I can see the right collumn in red...
  13. BinaryBunny

    Encoder Overload when recording COD Warzone

    So I've been facing some issue with recording Call of Duty Warzone recently, I've tried different games such as Minecraft and it works just fine, no issues what so ever. But as soon as I go to record COD Warzone I keep getting the message "Encoder Overload etc.." and I can't figure out why, or...
  14. A

    an encoder error while recording

    so its been 2 weeks since i open my laptop and record a video, today i tried to record again and suddenly i got a "an encoder error while recording" message. i was using the previous version of obs, then i tried to update the obs but still getting the same message. i was doing fine recording my...
  15. S

    obs stuttering while stream!

    Hi guys, i'm italian and not speak english very well...my setting are: cpu: ryzen 7 3700x gpu: gtx 1070 (i wait 3080.......) ram: ddr4 32gb 3200mhz Windows 10 64bit motherboard: x570 aorus elite monitor: lg27gl850 144hz g sync monitor and second monitor for chat, obs, asus 144hz fullhd my obs...
  16. H

    NVENC error

    Hello, I have a recurrent problem with the start of the recording. An error message comes up that says: "NVENC Error: init:encoder: nvEncGetEncodePresetConfig failed: 15 (NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_VERSION)". I checked my video card's properties and drivers and those should be fine. I don't know how...
  17. Chrionz

    Blocky Quality with proper Bitrate?

    So, pulling my hair out a bit. I have a dual PC setup with an HD60 Pro in the streaming PC. Along with 16gb of Ram, i7 6700k, and a 1660 TI. I use Nvenc as it seems that is what is best for streaming on these days and I stream at 720p 60fps. Nvenc settings are: Max Quality 5k bitrate High...
  18. S

    Nvenc New broken?

    OBS Streamlabs Nvenc New works flawlessly but OBS Studio Nvenc New has a horrible stutter in recordings at the same settings. Is this a known issue? I've tested it on a fully cleaned system as well as my own system and the issue is still there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II7YqWMm0FM...
  19. S

    AVX nvenc

    If i use nvenc does having AVX cpu extension matter at all?
  20. L

    OBS crash (log included)

    Hi all, in order to help the devs, I want to post my crash log here. I set everything up to capture my (single) display on the laptop (Win 8.1, nVidia 840M graphics) together with a webcam picture (Microsoft Lifecam HD) embedded on the top right. Before the crash I had successfully recorded...