Poor Nvenc Performance / X264 Good Performance


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CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X
OBS: 28.0.3
Internet: 1Gig Down / 35MB Up
Note: This is a Stand Alone PC For Steaming

I am having poor performance while streaming when using the Nvenc encoder in OBS. I can let OBS self optimize and the steaming quality is poor regardless what resolution I stream at. (720p - 1080p) I produce the same results using advanced settings of CBR / 6000 Kbps / Key Frame 0 / Quality / Profile ? / Look Ahead Checked / Psycho Checked / Max B Frame 2. (720p - 1080p) OBS is being ran using admin regardless if Simple or Advanced Settings are being used. Twitch Inspector shows the stream is stable at 6000 kbps with no dropped fames. I however have much better video quality when using X264 as my encoder with a few skipped frames during the encoding process. (1080p @ 60FPS) With that stated it is clearly an encoding issue that is not related to bitrate. It seems Widows 10 is possibly limiting the GPU's ability to encode / perform optimally. Does anyone have any ideas as to what would be causing poor Nvenc encoding performance.