1. I

    Random stuttering, tried everything, good PC specifications, looking ahead to end this diabolic nightmare

    Hello, researching about I realized that this is a very common issue among users. Everyone on YouTube like for example gives you a diferent solution that ranges from the simplest, such as changing the OBS encoder, to the most extreme, such as uninstalling Windows components and/or disabling...
  2. S

    I9 13900K x264 encoder overloaded HELP

    Hello my specs are I9 13900K RTX 4090 32GB DDR5 7200HZ When I stream over NVENC it works but as soon I try to stream over CPU (x264) I get encoder overload and after some time my game crashes (Warzone 2) Also I see fps drops to 20 or less in OBS while using x264. I don’t understand my specs...
  3. Reguna

    Does OBS 29 support Intel ARC QSV x264 on Linux? (Flatpak version)

    I am using Fedora 37 KDE (Kernel 6.2, OBS 29.0.2 in flatpak) with an Intel Arc A380. I cannot find the Intel QSV x264 encoder in output settings (only software x264). Is it not available in Linux or am I missing some dependencies? I have attached my startup log file for reference.
  4. D

    some questions about GOP

    im recording qp=0 (lossless) cpu:ultrafast on x264, and i have some questions about GOP. lets say i recorded my videos with a certain GOP value. lets say 1 (keyint=1) then i edit my video clips on a video editor to makes a video about something and upload to youtube; 1. if i set a GOP value to...
  5. T

    Best Encoder Settings On OBS 28 With Silicon Macs?

    Hello I am currently using the MacBook Pro with an M1 Chipset With 16 gigs of ram Currently i stream on 1080p 60 fps No downscaling anywhere I currently use For streaming Apple VT Hardware Encoder 6000 Bitrate Profile = High Keyframe Interval = 2 B-Frames = Off For Recording Apple VT...
  6. V

    Best (not expensive) CPU for medium preset?

    Hello guys, what is the best budget CPU for having 1080p60 at medium preset (x264) with all games without frameskip/encodigLag? I was considering the 5700x.. but if there is a lower price CPU, would be great. Can't cosider NVENC, because i have a 5700xt. My actual CPU is a Ryzen 5 2600...
  7. M

    Poor Nvenc Performance / X264 Good Performance

    GPU: ASUS TUF RTX3070 CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X OBS: 28.0.3 Internet: 1Gig Down / 35MB Up Note: This is a Stand Alone PC For Steaming I am having poor performance while streaming when using the Nvenc encoder in OBS. I can let OBS self optimize and the steaming quality is poor regardless what...
  8. FreakyMood

    H.264 is deleted after formatting and installing drivers again.

    Before I formatted my computer, I had an "H.264" video card driver encoder. But now I only have x264 CPU encoder. It didn't fix even though I downloaded all the drivers. Windows 11 Pro 64Bit Latest version of OBS Studio.
  9. D

    X264 10-bit Support

    I tried all the new 10-bit Support since the beta released and I'm very impressed. It works very well for me. There is one thing I would suggest: to be able to also stream in x264 10-bit to Youtube, since Youtube supports HDR Livestreaming. I don't know if that is on porpuse or a bug, but right...
  10. U

    Encoder error occured while streaming?(right after i press stream)

    Hey this is a fairly new problem ive never had before, my dad gave me a PC (used parts) it has a GTX 980 for my graphics card so it should stream fine but everytime i clic stream to test it, it says their an error, i cant stream in x264 unless i disable and re enable my drivers, Heres the log:
  11. E

    Should I use x264 or H264/5

    I'm wondering if I should use x264 or H264 (AMD Advanced Media Framework). Also what settings should I use for what encoder? My Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core Processor GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series
  12. D

    Skipped frames with low cpu usage on x264 encoder.

    I am having issues with skipped frames on x264 even though my CPU usage is 4% on the OBS stats panel, and with the task manager the CPU output is less than 8%. I did a bunch of live stream tests on a private twitch account and I was able to get everything to run smoothly on the Slow preset with...
  13. OmegaTooYew

    5950x / x264 encoding / Dual PC - Help Requested

    Hello I've been streaming on Twitch for quite a few years, I know a good thing or 2 about streaming, PC requirements for it, and what to expect. Unfortunately (and also fortunately), for the majority of the time while streaming, I've been using New NVENC. While it has allowed me to stream at...
  14. X

    Not enough quality on Dual PC x264 i7-10700

    Hello everyone. I've been a long time lurker, and really tried hard finding something that could help with my problem. I've made a lot of improvements thanks to different posts I've read, but I think now I need to ask for your help, for my specific case, I hope someone has any idea what's going...
  15. Lahdo

    H264 or x264?

    Hey dear, Open Broadcasting Software forum! Today I changed to H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework) which was before on "veryfast" x264.. I also did experiments on medium up to ultrafast (ultrafast is too extremely pixelated, and medium is not pixelated, and in realities like "The...
  16. R

    Filtering artifact when using RGB color format

    Hi there, I'm using OBS to record (not stream) gameplay footage. I want the video to be lossless, i.e. a frame of the video must have the same pixels colors as a screenshot, so that I can do funny but finicky things later (ocr, image recognition by matching against a known texture, etc). I very...
  17. MajorDrumKill

    2 PC setup question (Encoding)

    TL;DR - With a 2 PC Setup, is using RTX Nvenc (new) as the encoder on the dedicated machine still a better option than x264 with a high end CPU such as the 3900x? Hello everyone! Apologies on not being able to provide a log, I am currently at work and decided out of the blue to post this. I...
  18. E

    Quality of compressed x264 recordings vs using slower x264 preset

    Hi, I have a question regarding two scenarios. So in the first scenario, let's say I use x264 superfast with CRF 18 and I am recording in 4K 60fps, this gameplay recording will be a huge file since the CRF is quite low. Then I proceed to compress this video to some variable bitrate, for this...
  19. Tomani

    x264 Options syntax doesn't working

    Hey! I'm trying to record/stream using x264, but apparently nothing happens with my custom commands. My recorded file doesn't show my configuration. My tests: 1) 2) 3) MediaInfo output: Could someone explain to me how I make my settings work? Regards!
  20. T

    Lossless recording troubles

    Im trying to record lossless but theres this color issue im running into. Ik its an encoding issue more than an OBS one but not sure where else to go for this. Currently I have it set up like this: I changed it to libx264RGB for the RGB example I changed it to RGB and full for the rgb example...