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I've been streaming on Twitch for quite a few years, I know a good thing or 2 about streaming, PC requirements for it, and what to expect.
Unfortunately (and also fortunately), for the majority of the time while streaming, I've been using New NVENC. While it has allowed me to stream at relatively good quality for quite some time, my goal has never been "relatively good quality". I've always aimed for what I call "1:1" or lossless. I want the viewers experience to be as close to what I'm experiencing as possible, removing all possible hardware limitations and leaving only Bandwidth(my SOMETIMES subpar internet) and Twitch's low bitrate limit as the only outstanding factors as things I cannot control.

I recently received a massive upgrade to allow me to start streaming at high quality with x264 rather than NVENC. I have a 5950x, and while I've yet to do any tinkering with it, it came from a friend, and I know its capable of around 5.15ghz on all cores. Within the next few days I'll be taking a dive into OC'ing the chip and lowering the voltage a little bit. (At stock, power draw was around 1.44v while streaming, hitting no higher than 80c with a Be Quiet Deep Rock Pro 4 Cooler).

What I'm looking for here are people who are #1, well versed in x264 on AMD chips, or high Core/Thread count intel chips, who can help me understand the x264 Custom Options better, and which ones I can tweak/turn down for streaming games.

As well as #2, people with the same CPU that are chasing the dream like me, an extremely pristine stream. What settings did you end up using? Do you have examples of the quality ? Do you locally record while streaming ? etc

Searching online for proper indepth guides has been extremely lack luster as most of them seem to be for the beginner streamer, even when labeled as for "high end experienced users", and 90% of them just to say tick on NVENC and let it rip. (essentially).

I play a lot of fast paced FPS games (some stuff with low motion too though) so getting the settings perfect for any type of game is what I'm chasing here.
Examples of these games are : Apex Legends, Valorant, Escape From Tarkov (being the most intensive), along with Genshin Impact (actually very taxing on encoding during the animations), Lost Ark, and many many more games. If you are able to help and know any tidbits of information you could toss my way, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm not here to self advertise, but if you'd like to check my streams as reference to the current quality standards, my name on Twitch is the same as my name here, and the streams that include "Testing" in the title are ones with the new Streaming Rig.

Thanks in advance, even if just for taking the time to read this
- Omega