1. D

    Skipped frames with low cpu usage on x264 encoder.

    I am having issues with skipped frames on x264 even though my CPU usage is 4% on the OBS stats panel, and with the task manager the CPU output is less than 8%. I did a bunch of live stream tests on a private twitch account and I was able to get everything to run smoothly on the Slow preset with...
  2. OmegaTooYew

    5950x / x264 encoding / Dual PC - Help Requested

    Hello I've been streaming on Twitch for quite a few years, I know a good thing or 2 about streaming, PC requirements for it, and what to expect. Unfortunately (and also fortunately), for the majority of the time while streaming, I've been using New NVENC. While it has allowed me to stream at...
  3. BinaryBunny

    Are these values good? Or do I need to change something?

    So after upgrading from a 3700x to a 5950X I realized that I couldn't record using the same settings because it would lag like crazy. So after updating my bios, OS to W11, chipset drivers and a whole lot of other things I managed to get to the point where it felt alright to record and play a...
  4. R

    Multiple 4K camera sources can 5950x cpu 16 core handle it?

    I would like to connect up to 6 camera as 4k sources maybe more in the future to obs and want to be sure that obs can handle this for streaming and I intend to build a computer with AMD Ryzen 9 5950x processor instead and im wondering if its powerful enough to handle this?