Are these values good? Or do I need to change something?


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So after upgrading from a 3700x to a 5950X I realized that I couldn't record using the same settings because it would lag like crazy. So after updating my bios, OS to W11, chipset drivers and a whole lot of other things I managed to get to the point where it felt alright to record and play a game at the same time. And I'm just wondering, is there anything else I can do to make it even better? Enable Game Mode or anything?

I lag less in Cod Cold War when playing than Minecraft, wat?
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Like, when playing cod cold war I don't lag at all while recording, and the recording comes out smooth, but when I play Minecraft I lag while recording but the recording comes out smooth?


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1. Enable Game Mode.
2. Disable Psycho Visual Tuning.
3. Record with .mkv and remux it to .mp4.
4. Record at 30 or 60 fps, 165 is excessively high framerate.
5. Cap your fps in games at 165.
You can also try to play your games in windowed mode and put OBS process priority as High in Settings>Advanced.