Multiple 4K camera sources can 5950x cpu 16 core handle it?


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I would like to connect up to 6 camera as 4k sources maybe more in the future to obs and want to be sure that obs can handle this for streaming and I intend to build a computer with AMD Ryzen 9 5950x processor instead and im wondering if its powerful enough to handle this?


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The challenge is the true answer is ... it depends sorry (and I'm in a single camera environment, probably add a 2nd NDI PYZ camera, but not much more.. so I don't have direct experience with a 6+ 4K camera stream setup.) but I'm very knowledgeable about IT infrastructure tech, so to answer your question, you will need to be able to identify the following, at a minimum
What method is video being compressed/transmitted? Is this over HDMI, Ethernet, or ?? ie, will there be a capture card(s) involved?
Will you be using a switcher in-between cameras and PC such that PC isn't trying to render all cameras simultaneously?
What will you be using for encoding offload? a Turing/Ampere NVENC GPU, or were you planning for all s/w encoding?
what framerate, resolution output, whether recording and streaming (and if using same encoding method or not) etc

And I'm assuming this PC is going to be dedicated to streaming, not also gaming at same time, or anything else like that
Sorry, but this stuff gets complicated, and computationally demanding. So it depends on EXACTLY what and how you will connect, which effects/filters, etc in OBS used, how well optimized is your OC, etc.
If these are NDI cameras, using high compression to fit into 1GbE link, then I wouldn't be surprised if a 16c/32t CPU was fairly heavily burdened. Whether overloaded or not ??? depends on other factors. Hopefully someone here with a more broadcast oriented experience can comment

As OBS is FOSS, and *if* you don't get better info here, you may want to
1. gather a more thorough description of your intended environment (audio and video, whether using chromakeying or not, audio & video filters/effects, and especially details on your camera setup, and how specifically to connect them
then maybe contact one of the pay streaming software vendors (vMix, etc) and get their input on h/w requirements for your setup??
Don't be surprised if a much more powerful PC is needed, or if you need to put a video switcher (like Atem Mini) in front of PC so PC only handling a single incoming video stream (not 6+).. in which case you can probably get away with a much lower-end PC
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