Only "old" Nvenc encoder seeable in latest version of OBS


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I have the problem that my OBS (28.0.3) x64 version only allows the "old" NVENC encoder to choose.

I have a GTX 1660 SUPER and normally it should shows the "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)" but in my case it only shows the "NVIDIA NVENEC H.264" encoder. I have no idea why it do that and OBS is going to crash with the note that my encoder needs too much time to encode...

Logs and pictures I give you.

The 1st log is before I reinstalled it and the 2nd log is after I reinstalled it

Please help me.


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It's no longer new, so the "new" label was removed.
Thanks, well then my mind problem is solved. But I have another issue posted here:
Maybe you can help me with this?