encoder error

  1. C

    Problems AMD encoder

    Hello, I have a AMD HD 6750 graphics card, and OBS does not recognizes it. It only shows x264 on encoder, and my CPU can't handle the recording, so the FPS drops a lot
  2. B

    NVENC Encoding Error while streaming Half Life: Alyx on Quest 2 using Air Link

    Hi so I've been trying to stream Half Life: Alyx using OBS but every time I get to a loading zone the game crashes when the next level is loading in. I've gotten the same error every time: "An encoder error occured while streaming: NVENC Error: get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s...
  3. Sakura De Francesco

    Sudden Encloder Overload - Was not an issue before

    Hi everyone, my PC is new, I requested a PC exactly for streaming purposes where I could stream high quality games at high quality streams. It was working fine for a few months but now OBS says that the Encloder is overloaded and hiccups during the stream. I have tried literally every solution I...
  4. A

    Recording Error: An encoder error occurred while recording

    Every time I try to record using OBS the system freezes for a few seconds and gives me the message: "An encoder error occurred while recording" This is my first time trying to use OBS to record gameplay. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/mUeSGECEjembE4b0
  5. G

    AMD Ryzen Encoder Problem

    Since a few month back I start having this problem were I notice that my stream start lagging and then goes back to normal, I notice it since i upgrade my ram to a new one. I was streaming with Ryzen 3 3200g 8 GB ram ( 2 x 4gb ram) @ 2666 mhz no OC after I upgrade to 12gb ram ( 4gb + 8 gb ) @...
  6. S

    Advanced output no longer allows me to stream due to Driver Update

    A few months back, I decided to randomly update my Nvidia Graphics drivers which I haven't updated in at least 2 years or more. after that update I was no longer able to use Advanced output mode to stream because I would get this error: Before then I was able to use Advanced output mode to...
  7. Moinul Moin

    when I click on start recording, it closes, I don't know it crashes or not but it vanishes in no time

    I can't use obs for recording/streaming. it closes, I don't know it crashes or not but it vanishes in no time when I click on start recording. I did install/uninstall obs a couple of times and also my GPU driver. no changes! here is the log: https://obsproject.com/logs/kqcL81VrQL4f61jp help me
  8. A

    OBS Studio an encoder error occurred while recording

    I have installed the 'OBS-Studio-26.1.1-Full-Installer-x64' and also tried installing the version 'OBS-Studio-27.2.4-Full-Installer-x64' getting OBS Studio an encoder error message. To fix this I tried the below solution by reading on the forum. 1. Tried Output -> output mode<Simple> changed...
  9. R

    Someone help me, I can't record cause it keeps saying "encoder error" while recording.

  10. J

    An encoder error occurred while recording.

    It appears there is no one watching the previous thread for "Encoder errors" anymore, so I took the liberty to start another one. I just downloaded OBS as per recommendations from a friend, however, the very first time I tried running it, I got the error message below. Log ======>...
  11. Z

    GPU driver crashes while recording

    gpu driver crashes while recording for around 2-3 minutes, screen goes black and need to restart. have tried with both x264 and nvenc options, both failed, when using NVENC option i get the encoder error while recording message, when using x264 I dont. have tried updating and reverting gpu...
  12. S

    Encoder Error while streaming

    Hi there I've been streaming on this exact pc for a long while now with no issues until about a month ago. Sometimes when I play games it will crash my stream with the error "Encoder Error" after playing the game for about 5 or less minutes but then some games will not crash at all but about a...
  13. L

    Issues with stream (not preview) frozen, among other things.

    I've recently started trying to stream again for fun. This lead me down a rabbit hole of issues, hardware and internet wise. I've managed to fix my issues with wifi by implementing an ethernet cable, but this seemed to make my hardware issues worse. After a minute or so of the stream being...
  14. B

    Encoding Overloaded for Warzone

    Hello, Thank you for taking some time on my problem, I really appreciate it. I have an "Encoding Overloaded" issue with my OBS. This is My recent log: https://obsproject.com/logs/vvstVqICvZju7bpy I am trying to record and stream at the same time with my GTX 1660 using Nvenc encoding, I have...
  15. S

    Encoder Overload but PC not slowing down

    I've finally assembled the PC of my dreams, now that I've finally done that, OBS can't keep up. If I stream any game that is too graphically intensive, OBS throws up the "Encoder overloaded" and things on screen get buggy and slow. Actual gameplay and my PC do NOT slow down, only OBS. I've...
  16. 6

    OBS encoder error when I try to record

    Hello, I'm trying to record a video but now it pops up with a "An encoder error occured while recording". This hasn't happened before, and apparently a lot of other people have this issue too. Here is my current log file : https://obsproject.com/logs/vFTKrTPWCbRD1JTn
  17. C

    Recording error: An encoder error occurred while recording

    I get the following error: Recording error: An encoder error occurred while recording. It happens everytime I start recording. It's been like this all of a sudden, months ago, and I don't know how to fix it. Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/LWa6tyBq1POzGOwW
  18. W

    Encoding overloaded while streaming!

    Hi, I have had a coding problem for a week. A week ago, the OBS update arrived and something started to break. When streaming Apex or GTA OBS among others it shows overloaded encoding. Oddly enough, there were no issues playing GTA before the last update. Can anyone help me? My components...
  19. T

    Probleme mit USB Headset Soundblaster X H6

    Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit meinem USB Headset SoundblasterX H6 und OBS. Immer wenn ich das Headset anschließe und streamen möchte, bekomme ich einen Encoder Fehler. (siehe Bild 1) Das Headset Mikro wird zwar von OBS erkannt, wenn ich es aber auswähle, gibt es keinen Ausschlag in der DB...
  20. 8

    Recurring unknown issue pops up in logs

    After countless encoding issues, I have removed all of them but this one error: "Unable to set converter transfer characteristic, error AMF_NOT_FOUND (code 11)". I have no clue what this is or if it even is a impactful error but it keeps coming up in my logs. My clips from replay buffer look...