encoder error

  1. I

    My Encoder Overloading Woes

    https://obsproject.com/logs/C6zgCDahY0MgO7vh I have a 3060 TI, I7 core, 16GB RAM I have recently run into an issue that didn't occur for me for my first several months of locally recording. This happens on both streamlabs and regular OBS. I'm under the impression that my hardware is plenty...
  2. I

    OBS has encode error after stopping record

    Whenever I stop my recording, OBS lags out and causes my entire laptop to lag out and become exponentially slower. I can't figure out how to fix it. Videos become laggy and don't run properly, but really short videos run fine. All I'm recording is Roblox too, so what's the issue? I have a log of...
  3. J

    Hardware (QSV, H.264) encoder not working after OBS update

    The hardware encoder worked perfectly fine before the update and I could stream and record with it just fine. But after I updated OBS it no longer lets me record and this warning pops up: The software (x264) encoder works but is very laggy and is extremely hard on the CPU and I cant stream with...
  4. H

    DNX HR_HQX - Unable to Record

    My system is having issues with DNX HR HQX. HQ seems to work fine. I'm seeing an error An unspecified error occurred while recordings. Failed to open video codec: Invalid argument If any one could help, I'd appreciate it and could offer some testing in return with my system. My settings...
  5. MBS

    Quick Sync Video Encoder throws an error when trying to stream

    Hi, I usually stream on twitch and I've always used Quick Sync H.264 hardware encoder with my computer to run my livestream. Last week I updated my OBS and from that point, my Quick Sync configuration won't work. It throws the following error message: Starting the output failed. Please check...
  6. Q

    Multiple (03) issues: OBS Ver: 29.1.3 (64 bit) \ "Stale Preview", "Stopping Recording", "Encoder Error" with at least one documented crash.

    With the first install of OBS, after a few times of usage within twenty-four hours, we began to experience OBS refusing to stop recording; image below. ... each time this "Stopping Recording" presented itself, 'Task Manager'\'End Task' was employed. Ultimately, after a few more of these...
  7. S

    Encoder is Dying no matter what fix I try p-p

    Hey people, my names Slushly I'm a minecraft Youtuber and I've been makin content for awhile. Back in February I bought a new PC to replace my old IMac to make better content and for awhile it worked flawlessly, but as of recent after I finish a recording over about 10 minutes in length a...
  8. JoySparx

    Unable to start stream, but able to start recordings (Encoder issue?)

    I recently got a new computer, and I've been setting up everything back to how it was before. Now that I'm all set up, I attempted to start a stream to test it out, and I keep receiving the error "Starting the output failed" as seen below. I've tried analyzing my log file and researching the...
  9. V

    Encoder not recognized

    Like a week ago, I installed something for my Inter processor, an i3. I installed the assistant support for updates after getting advice from another user, and now I've noticed that the enconder is not recognized anymore, and my rendering lags and CPU overloads seem to have worsened. Did I...
  10. M

    freeze, black screen and encoder error

    Hi, every time I stream for about an hour, both screens hang up, my game and OBS freeze after that i get black screens for a few seconds, then I get the error message ''An encoder error occurred while streaming'' I've already gone through all the settings, but unfortunately until now nothing...
  11. H

    Overloaded encoder with hardware that should be able to handle stream

    I have a Ryzen 9 7900x and a 3070 but even when I stream at 720p, I'm still getting an overloaded encoder error. I recently upgraded from a Ryzen 7 3700x (got a new motherboard and RAM as well) and I never used to get this error before. Why would my performance dip after an upgrade? Kind of lost...
  12. A

    encoder nvidia nvenc h.264 (ffmpeg) is taking too long to encode

    https://obsproject.com/logs/FlNHOSVAF6Qmrk5B Hi, I've searched everywhere for something to help me with this error. I'll be streaming and my stream starts freezing and after some time it just shuts down and ends the stream. First it was just stuttering now it went on to fully stopping stream...
  13. C

    "An encoder error occured while streaming"

    This error message started popping up in Novemeber. At first it would sometimes go away but now it shows up immediately upon starting to stream. Here is my log: https://obsproject.com/logs/9AxTFGZSrsgROfP5
  14. M

    Changing bitrate to any value results in "An encoder error occurred while streaming"

    Basically what the title says. - If i change bitrate it drops to 0 as soon as i hit apply. And gives me the window with the message in the title. - Never had this issue, brand new installation of OBS just to make sure it wasnt a problem with plugins or stuff like that. - Double PC setup with...
  15. C

    Obs Encoder Error nvEncLockBitstream failed 8

    Hello I recently upgraded to an RTX 4080 from an RTX 3080, uninstalled prior drivers with DDU etc and card has been working great except whenever i run OBS i routinely get this error, i've tried closing out of all background applications but still get this error. Any advice? Thanks
  16. K

    OBS is freezing randomly while streaming

    Hey everyone, Since 10th Oktober 2022 my OBS freezes randomly when I stream. The Bitrate drops to 0, stream ends and I can only close OBS when I go into the Task Manager. Sometimes my OBS says, that my encoder needs too long to encode (5s) and I have no idea why it do it. Before I didnt had any...
  17. K

    Only "old" Nvenc encoder seeable in latest version of OBS

    Hey, I have the problem that my OBS (28.0.3) x64 version only allows the "old" NVENC encoder to choose. I have a GTX 1660 SUPER and normally it should shows the "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)" but in my case it only shows the "NVIDIA NVENEC H.264" encoder. I have no idea why it do that and OBS is...
  18. V

    encoder error/Ошибка кодировщика

    After the latest update, I can't record videos. I record them through a pause, that is, when I need to record, I turn it on, when I don’t need it, I put it on pause. Everything was fine before the update, now after unpausing it says "An encoder error occurred during recording: NVIDIA NVENC H.264...
  19. B

    Encoder Error after OBS update

    Since the OBS update on September 2, I've had issues. I could not stream on September 3 due to an "encoder error" when I hit the button to start streaming. I WAS able to stream on September 4. Since then I have not been able to stream at all. I get the same error every time I try to start...
  20. MetallicAllex

    OBS 28.0.1 can use the old QSV encoder but not the old NVENC encoder?

    My NVIDIA graphics card is relatively old (GeForce GT 735M) and has been updated to the latest version of the driver. The previous version 27.2.4 of OBS Studio can use hardware NVENC encoding. Yesterday, I received an update prompt. After the upgrade is completed as required, start the software...