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  1. K

    GTX 750 NVENC

    There's so many people asking to do dual pc recording / Streaming and there's no media to have as an example of this old Nvenc on this gpu, so i bought the GTX 750 1GB and i did this test so the people can see how it performs. Hope is useful for someone NVENC RECORDING TEST VIDEO Software: -...
  2. T

    Сбой вывода. Подробности отражены в журнале. Примечание: Если вы используете кодировщики NVENC или AMD

    Не могу стримить(Twitch) из за этой ошибки, я обновил все драйвера видеокарты, перезапустил пк и попробовал, снова не помогло Посмотрел журнал выдает ошибку - Не удалось запустить вывод потока типа 'rtmp_output'! Смотрел на ютубе решение проблемы, не помогло Потом перешёл из расширенного режима...
  3. O

    Streamlabs obs crashing.

    I've never had issues with streamlabs in the past. Recently upgraded my pc's cpu and ram to 5800x and 4x8 3600mhz ram. Pc was working pretty fine id say until I realized I frequently crash while streaming. I will post logs below but the crash occurs whenever u stream or record. I use game...
  4. sandrix

    Disabling look-ahead does not disable adaptive b-frames on presets P6, P7 tune hq (NVENC H.264)

    Hi! We are talking about NVENC H.264. I noticed that when selecting the P6 and P7 Tune HQ presets, the look-ahead and adaptive b-frames are enabled, whether look-ahead is enabled or not. This happens not only in OBS, but in FFmpeg, I checked it. Looks like it's provided by Nvidia. I want to...
  5. C

    Obs Encoder Error nvEncLockBitstream failed 8

    Hello I recently upgraded to an RTX 4080 from an RTX 3080, uninstalled prior drivers with DDU etc and card has been working great except whenever i run OBS i routinely get this error, i've tried closing out of all background applications but still get this error. Any advice? Thanks
  6. AssaultOPS

    OBS Studio not recording anymore after new update

    I love OBS studio, and I have been using it for the past few years and everything was working perfectly. Few weeks ago, I got a pop-up window saying that I might want to update OBS. I usually ignore these kinds of messages because I don't like updating software too frequently. But today, I don't...
  7. K

    Only "old" Nvenc encoder seeable in latest version of OBS

    Hey, I have the problem that my OBS (28.0.3) x64 version only allows the "old" NVENC encoder to choose. I have a GTX 1660 SUPER and normally it should shows the "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)" but in my case it only shows the "NVIDIA NVENEC H.264" encoder. I have no idea why it do that and OBS is...
  8. I

    OBS saying Video Card Driver not supporting NVENC H.264, Function Not Implemented

    Hello there, I've been using OBS on this PC for several months, and no problems have ever come up. However, I recently had to reset my PC to fix an error, deleting all the apps including OBS. I reinstalled OBS after and used the exact same settings as I did before, encoding with H.264 on Window...
  9. Riqode

    Error: Failed to open NVENC codec: Generic error in external library set gpu to 0, but I have a second gpu...

    Hi, I was trying to use my Nvidia GPU (GPU 1) for the NVENC encoder, but encoder error says that I have to set this back to GPU 0, (Intel Integrated graphics) due to the error. Can somebody please explain why I cannot use my Nvidia GPU for NVENC encoding? I do not want to use the Intel...
  10. B

    Question about Custom FFmpeg options

    Hi guys, i'm having issues activating certain functions. I tried for example "-me_method=umh" like i use "-trellis=2" and other. But the OBS Log says "option not available". I read alot about Nvenc and h264, x264 etc. and found interesting options i would wanna try. But i can't find a list...
  11. M

    NVENC Error GeForce GTX 1060

    I have a last drivers for Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6 GB (version, data 05.07.2020). But when starting OBS I have error:Failed to open NVENC codec: Unknown error occurred LOG: 01:48:54.021: CoInitializeEx succeeded: 0x00000001 01:48:54.021: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600 CPU @...
  12. A

    Question / Help Cannot open the NVENC codec on Gentoo

    I've just installed O.B.S., and when attempting to record with NVENC (hardware encoder), I receive the following rather unfriendly message: The most baffling thing is that when O.B.S. starts, it reports that NVENC has been detected: I'm very inexperienced with O.B.S. and ffmpeg in general, so...
  13. M

    Bug Report GT 710 NVENC not Supported :,(

    Hi! I have finally a good GPU. So I decided to make videos on youtube. I downloaded OBS, because it was free. I chose NVENC H 264 because it was supported. And the recording worked like normal. BUT, one DAY there was an update avaliable, so I downloaded it. GUESS WHAT! I wasnt able to record...
  14. G

    Bug Report High fps record start success = random

    In Log 21-58, Is a successful recording. In Log 22-19 is unsuccessful recording. When recording fails, Only way to close OBS is trough Task manager, Unless it has hid it self away from there (Randomly on start up, randomly on recording start up, randomly on recording stop) and can only be found...
  15. Mozetronick

    Question / Help OBS always crashing when smtg loading also Web-cam freeze

    A day ago, I experienced some problems with a lack of space on the main hard drive and after that, it seemed to me, some OBS settings were reset. I solved the problem with lost 40 GB files due to search indexing on my SSD. After which I returned to the previous scene, launched as usual a dozen...
  16. S

    Question / Help NVENC режет битрейт

    Доброго времени суток, уже не знаю куда и обратиться. В общем последние две недели начались проблемы с битрейтом, режется вдвое - ставлю 15к (стримил так с 2015-го года) - максимум 8к отдает, тут же ставлю 8к - отдает максимум 5к и так далее, естественно пишет что лаги и прочее. никаких обнов...
  17. F

    Question / Help I am not getting NVENC x264 in OBS but i have nvidia GPU ?

    I am not getting NVENC x264 in OBS but i have nvidia GPU ?
  18. M

    Question / Help OBS Encoding Rendering lag issue on a 2080TI (NVENC)

    Hi All, I have issues with streaming using OBS. I have tried multiple combination of settings the internet advised with no luck, youtube , fourms...you name it. I have attached a log file for your review Please help. Thanks
  19. N

    Question / Help Nvidia NVENC H264 not appearing in encoder options

    I have a really bad CPU and wanted to lighten the load on it when I stream, and I found out about this encoder, except it's not showing up in the options for the encoder, only Software x264. Yes, my drivers, my windows and my OBS are all up to date. Here are my (bad) specs (on my pre-built PC)...
  20. S

    Question / Help Why is OBS So Garbage & Complicated?

    It's bad because I can't record 60 FPS videos like everyone else says you can. I don't want to Stream. Recording should take less work but for some reason I struggle. Since 2013 I have never been able to get 60 FPS recordings. 1080p doesn't look like 1080p. The 60 FPS setting is useless because...