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    Question / Help NVENC encoder problem

    when I try to use the nvenc encoder option the recording fails, I get a notice to tell me to check my driver, which is up to date, and check my log, unfortunately I do not have the tech savvy to understand the log. https://hastebin.com/eworabavox
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    Question / Help Problem with Lost Lines in Recordings with H.264 Codec

    Good morning, I've been recording for years and it's the first time this happens to me, a few weeks ago suddenly out of nowhere recording began to come out vertical lines like lost frames in the recordings ... but only appear in the recordings, while game is not seen on the screen or in the...
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    Question / Help NVIDIA Encoder not showing on OBS 21.0.1

    I have a NVIDIA Geforce MX150, yet I do not get the NVENC H.264 option in the encoder part. The only options I have is x264 and QuickSync H.264. I'm not too sure why it's not showing, and I do have windows 10. (I'm not tech savvy in the slightest so I might be missing something painfully...
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    Question / Help Starting the output failed

    Alright so,I decided to use my GeForce 840M to encode, and now when I select NVENC H.264 it says :Starting the output failed.Please check the log for details. Note:If you are using the AMD or NVENC encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date. I just updated my NVidia drivers, and its...
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    Question / Help Difference between NVENC GTX1060 and GTX760

    Hi there, I was wondering if there are differences between NVENC of a 1060 and a 760? I would like to stream with a 2 PC Setup and I'm testing x264 presets of my CPU. Im mostly testing with 6mbit bitrate and in my (and my girlfriends) opinion 720p60 and 900p60 NVENC(6mbit) look pretty much the...
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    Question / Help Pixelation with 4000 Bitrate?

    Would be awesome if someone could help me. Thank you. Hey.. so.. I tried streaming with my CPU as the encoder, but because I get fps drops in-game I use NVENC instead. I'm streaming a high-motion game (Call of Duty) with 4000 Bitrate and NVENC at 720p 60FPS and the stream looks pixelated. What...