Tesla K80 for streaming


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I am currently running a 2 pc setup for my stream. The streaming PC is a Dell Precision 3610 running an Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 @ 3.50 GHz, with an AMD FirePro W5000 as my current graphics adapter and an external capture card to get video from the gaming pc. What I want to know is if adding a Tesla K80 would allow me to use the Nvidia Nvenc to do the graphics render and encoding to stream, while still using my AMD card to display my graphics. Keep in mind, I am very green when it comes to some of this stuff, so please be kind.


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It really wont help at all. You see, every piece of info that enters your pc must go through the processor, which basically is the brain of the computer, if you add a second graphics card, you will put more load onto the processor, since it now has to receive info from not just 1 but 2 graphic cards, so it might even make your stream worse.