1. FirephoenixX02

    Low Resource Use but Insane In-Game Performance Drop

    Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/pn1_3y-LzcIfdhl7 Specs: CPU: Intel® Xeon(R) CPU X5560 @ 2.80GHz × 16 GPU: NVIDIA Corporation GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti] OS: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS RAM: 16GB Driver Version: 510 Installation: OBS 27.2.4 (linux) - Installed via the official Repo - Snap and...
  2. DayGeckoArt

    NVENC actually uses a lot of GPU resources and watts

    The premise of NVENC is to handle video encoding without impacting game performance much. There's a lot of discussion on the internet about the computer resources used by NVENC in various forums, blogs, Youtube videos, etc and the general consensus seems to be that it does use a bit of CPU and...
  3. C

    Best Settings for OBS

    Hey! I'm looking for some help, I want to know the best Settings for my rig. PC Specs: CPU: Intel Core I5-6500 GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 TI Ram: 8GBs I'll mainly play games like overwatch, Minecraft, maybe val? stuff like that.
  4. U

    How well could my PC record and game?

    Hey, I am wanting to record my gameplay in obs, just wondering how well I could run obs, and games, potentially even discord. Specs: CPU: Intel Core I5-6500 GPU: GeForce GTX 1070Ti RAM: Two 8 gb sticks 2400 mhz Games I might play: Minecraft, Need For Speed, Need For Speed Heat, GTA 5 and more.
  5. H

    Question/Help My OBS recording looks bright and grainy/sharpened

  6. M

    Ridiculous tearing and stutter in recording on laptop

    Firstly, stuttering is the most obvious when looking at the clips. When the clip stutters it actually shows older frames instead of just hanging on a frame. Secondly, the tearing is next level, the video tears in weird clumps of pixels instead of a distinct line and is very 2-dimentional. A...
  7. L

    OBS and GPU crash after change of scene

    Hey guys, first of all sorry for my english, i tried my best :) The Problem: I started streaming 2 Weeks ago and i can start my stream with zero problems. I can change the scene and play like hours in a game without any problems. But as soon i close the game esspecially League of Legends in...

    OBS no reconoce NVIDIA GeForce 730

    Buenas gente!! OBS no reconoce mi tarjeta gráfica NVIDIA GeForce 730, eso es lógico o puedo hacer algo para utilizarla?? En la pc esta funcionando sin problemas con Windows 10 Pro. Desde ya muchas gracias y Saludos!
  9. C

    Problemas con Juegos con sombras altas o estatica al momento de hacer stream - Problems with Games with high shadows or static when streaming

    Últimamente tengo un problema con OBS al momento de stremear me han dado cierto errores con el video de salida que se muestra en stream, por ejemplo juegos como Little Nightmares o Phasmophobia se ven exageramente oscuros o con estatica en ellos, adjunto imagenes como ejemplo: --- Lately I have...
  10. bulletber

    Integrate NVIDIA Video Background Removal as a source filter

    Hi! I saw that recently, NVIDIA's noise removal has had native integration into OBS as a filter. I was hoping that maybe the same could be done for NVIDIA's video background removal capability.
  11. K

    faded colors on the laptop while recording on OBS

    when I start recording the file is written with faded colors, I tried to change: Color Format:, YUV Color Space:, YUV Color Range but it didn't work. Someone told me to try Nvidia control panel but am using Laptop and i can not do this : " NVIDIA Control Panel > Video > Adjust Video Color...
  12. Qufy

    Can't launch when running Wayland on Nvidia

    -Initializing OpenGL... -Using EGL/Wayland -Initialized EGL 1.5 -eglChooseConfig failed -device_create (GL) failed -Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated. -obs_display_init: Failed to create swap chain Running Arch Linux with...
  13. J

    OBS 27.0.1 wont work with NVIDIA after update to LINUX MINT 20.2 UMA XCFE

    Just upgraded to LINXU MINT 20.2 UMA XCFE, and OBS won't record, claims it couldn't open my NVIDIA encoder, and to check my drivers. I did check, and my drivers are up to date. Anyone else having this issue? Did you find a solution? here is my log file.
  14. K


  15. Trainmaster642

    OBS not recording NVIDIA control panel settings

    My game is kinda blurry so i use the NVIDIA control panel to sharpen the image and make it clearer, however OBS isn't recording my game with the control panel settings making it look low quality. is there a way i can fix this? Thanks in advance.
  16. E

    relentlessly black screen - tried everything

    Hello. I've downloaded OBS for the first time on my new computer. I run Windows 10, so I downloaded the latest version but the screen recording doesn't work in any way. I've followed the guide and made sure I have the right settings for my NVIDIA graphic card, I uninstalled OBS and installed it...
  17. T

    Nvidia graphics card keeps crashing stream!

    OBS uses about 40%-60% of my GPU, even after making some changes from 2k to FHD canvas, having 1 display source per scene, going from NVENC to h.264. My graphics card keeps crashing and with NVENC as encoder it stops my stream, so I have to restart my stream every time. I am outta ideas and...
  18. F

    Xcomposite Window Capture is frozen / does not update

    Xcomposite shows 1 frame, but never updates, remaining frozen. If I change one of the window capture settings, it renders a new frame, and stays frozen there again. It updates while I'm moving the window around, but not when left in one place. It captures my cursor over the window, but not...
  19. S

    My screen source shuttering every 12 minutes

    CPU : i9 10900 (10C/20T) GPU : Nvidia 3090 (so it's on a PCIe gen3) Hello everyone and thank you for participating and helping people! My issue is not related to the encoding, recording or streaming by itself. That's why I don't include log files. It is my source (desktop) who is slowing down...
  20. Z

    Slight stream stutters Low Gpu and Cpu Usage

    Hey guys, So I recently built a new PC and I am having some stream fluidity issues. On my old PC (sold a while ago) which had a 2070super and i9-9900k I used to stream Apex Legends at 720p with no problems. Sure the quality wasn't perfect (a little grainy but thats expected) but the stream...