1. H

    OBS Crash At Start Recording(Manjaro)

    I have done some research already and the problem seems similar to multiple other threads I found across the internetsrelated to removing different VAAPI drivers. 12:56:24.215: VAAPI: Failed to initialize display in vaapi_device_h264_supported 12:56:24.215: FFmpeg VAAPI H264 encoding not...
  2. Stryhn

    Will OBS be downgraded if I cap my FPS to 30 for background apps in the Nvidia Control Panel?

    Just a little question for the quick ones! I was wondering if OBS would be deprioritized if I changed background apps to only run 30 fps in the Nvidia Control Panel? Wondering if the cap of 30 FPS would improve my streaming experience through the lowered GPU and CPU consumption? Thanks for...
  3. D

    New install: Coredump on Arch Linux, nvidia

    I need help with Arch Linux - obs-studio 29.1.3-1 (x86_64). I installed it for the first time and it fails to launch. My system is fully up to date. Here is the log file: $ cat '2023-07-24 14-53-26.txt' 14:53:26.817: Using EGL/X11 14:53:26.818: Kernel Version: Linux 6.4.4-arch1-1 14:53:26.818...
  4. cinatit

    NVENC breaks after suspend using an NVIDIA GPU

    When I first installed OBS it worked perfectly, until I suspend my computer, then it stopped working. After a reboot it came back to work, and stopped again after another suspension. That's a constant behavior: it stops working after every suspension, only works again after a reboot. How to...
  5. K

    GTX 750 NVENC

    There's so many people asking to do dual pc recording / Streaming and there's no media to have as an example of this old Nvenc on this gpu, so i bought the GTX 750 1GB and i did this test so the people can see how it performs. Hope is useful for someone NVENC RECORDING TEST VIDEO Software: -...
  6. I

    Encoder NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (FFmpeg) is taking too long to encode (timeout: 5 seconds)

    Everything is working fine but then my entire computer locks up for a couple seconds, this error pops up. OBS is the cause of the freeze, doesn't happen when not streaming/recording. Doesn't happen after a set time, seems random. Recording error - An encoding error occurred while recording...
  7. Jookia

    NVIDIA Noise suppression corrupts audio channel and crashes OBS

    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend, so any follow-ups or debugging will take a while and be subject to their availability. I'm mostly posting this in hopes it helps other people. During a stream my friend found one of his audio channels was completely gone, but it would only happen...
  8. W

    How to Fix Max Audio/Video Buffering & Cutting Out!

    Log file here: https://obsproject.com/logs/GOCnlkyKuoB5BSeg I was playing a game, and the video quality was good, but it occasionally buffered. Log says .2% GPU overload and rendering lag, which is likely the cause. My audio also occasionally buffered, likely due to max audio buffering. I do...
  9. W

    dual pc refresh rate issues

    i recently built a second pc for recording my gameplays and I quickly ran into some issues with my capture card. Just so you know, before posting I have tried MANY things and the outcome is that my monitors refresh rates of both computers affect the preview of my capture card (and also the...
  10. D

    Tesla K80 for streaming

    I am currently running a 2 pc setup for my stream. The streaming PC is a Dell Precision 3610 running an Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 @ 3.50 GHz, with an AMD FirePro W5000 as my current graphics adapter and an external capture card to get video from the gaming pc. What I want to know is if adding a...
  11. O

    Using Nvidia AV1 encoder throws a "starting the output failed" error.

    I recently purchased an RTX 40-series GPU, and am trying to use the Nvidia AV1 encoder for local recordings. It doesn't work, though, and I'm not sure why. It tells me to make sure my GPU drivers are up to date, and they are. If I use Nvidia HVEC, it works fine. I do have the Vertical OBS...
  12. G

    NVENC error

    Since I have uninstalled Geforce Experience a couple of days ago I get this error whenever I want to record in HEVC. Recording in h.264 works fine with the NVENC encoder
  13. A

    encoder nvidia nvenc h.264 (ffmpeg) is taking too long to encode

    https://obsproject.com/logs/FlNHOSVAF6Qmrk5B Hi, I've searched everywhere for something to help me with this error. I'll be streaming and my stream starts freezing and after some time it just shuts down and ends the stream. First it was just stuttering now it went on to fully stopping stream...
  14. V3ptur

    OBS Crashing PC On Startup (Loses Monitor Signal & Restarts)

    Problem: When starting OBS my PC crashes and restarts or doesn't show display on both monitors. Can take a few seconds of the application fully running to then crash my PC The crash causes both displays to go black in which they have no signal from the PC In some cases once OBS is launched it...
  15. Guy_Emu

    Nvidia audio SDK break OBS and cause crashing

    updated the audio SDK from this website like OBS asked for in the audio filters menu. https://www.nvidia.com/en-eu/geforce/broadcasting/broadcast-sdk/resources/ I downloaded the 30 series version since that's my GPU, then when I launched OBS both my monitors would turn on and off every few...
  16. tanokgamer

    OBS crashes camera and closing the app

    With the last update, the app get crashed when I tried close it. The same happens when I tried to choose my camera and the app didn't respond. Is NVIDIA Codec issue again or OBS last update? I tried to re-install the app and its behaviour is the same.
  17. D

    Display capture - can't change monitor

    Problem description Changing the display in display capture does nothing. It still captures my secondary monitor even if I choose my primary monitor. I've tried a clean install of OBS, same result. This setup was working perfectly fine in OBS 28. Monitor setup Primary: LG 42" OLED (4k)...
  18. xrodgttv

    OBS Studio Crash when the game is minimized/maximized

    Hello there, I've been struggling with some of the errors (not the OBS in particular) when streaming with OBS Studio. I upgraded my PC recently with a new GPU and CPU. Recently I've been experiencing OBS and Game crashing with some Directx11 error, I wasn't able to capture something like...
  19. L

    NEVC Error: get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream

    Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/FBZ2v-RCw5X0x7DK It seems like I get an encoder error whenever I try to record a game. I'm on windows 11 and the OBS beta branch, I downloaded OBS through steam. Full Error: Settings:
  20. joulinara

    OBS crashing camera properties (NVIDIA graphics drivers)

    Hello dear gamers, The new NVIDIA graphics card drivers, version 526.86 "Game Ready" and newer, have a known issue that causes OBS Studio to hang when using a Video Capture Device source. Revert to the most recent "Studio" drivers and avoid updating until the next "Studio" driver comes out. The...