GTX 745 NVENC for 4K 60fps recording


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Hi guys, I am planning to buy Elgato 4K60 Pro Mk2
I am going to use it to record my PS5 gameplay, so it is a dedicated recording PC
My current GPU is GTX 745, I believe it is a Maxwell chip with 4th gen Nvenc

Can any of you guys tell me if this Nvenc will be strong enough able to record decent gameplay in 4K 60 fps? or maybe at least 1440p 60fps?

So far I am happy it can run 1080p 60fps well with CQP 18 or 20


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You can easily check yourself, if your CPU and nvenc is able to record your 4k gameplay.
In Settings->Video set your canvas and output size to 4k (i. e. 3840x2160) and set fps to 60. This is the same setting you intend you record your gameplay later.
In Settings->Output set nvenc as encoder.
As source, add some image as media source. Don't need to be a 4k image, just some image. Make it occupy the whole canvas by right-clicking the image source->Transform->Stretch to screen.

Then record. You will record a static image, but the encoder load is identical for a static image in comparison to a real video.
As alternative, you can play some random video with some random video player (or play some Youtube video) and capture this video player, or browser if Youtube, as window source. Make it occupy the whole canvas as described for the image, then record this. Or if you have some USB webcam, use the webcam and scale the image up.
Actual content and visible quality of the video doesn't matter, it's just to give the encoder some stuff to encode instead of nothing.
If you don't get any encoder overload or lost/lagged frames, the encoder is able to do the task.

However, the capture process itself (reading data from the capture device) will also need CPU resources. This isn't checked with the above. Your CPU has to be strong enough to handle the capture card.