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Hey guys,

first of all sorry for my english, i tried my best :)

The Problem:

I started streaming 2 Weeks ago and i can start my stream with zero problems. I can change the scene and play like hours in a game without any problems. But as soon i close the game esspecially League of Legends in this example: i cange the scene to the Client view ( form the game capure to a normal window capture) then scene changes and then my screen frezzes for a second and then all 3 screens turn black and my stream stops but i can hear musik, talk to people in the discord. It looks like OBS crashed my GPU or the other way around bc the fans of the GPU are stopping aswell. The wierd thing is that sometimes nothing happens for hours and then everything crashes. The CPU is still working fine with the other fans. I tryed to refresh the GPU with Win+CTRL+Shift+B and nothing happens. The only way to get a screens working is to press to power button of the pc for 5 seconds so shut down the pc. After the restart everything works fine.... but the problem keeps coming back every stream... and the GPU does not overheat or does not keep up with the coding. Everything looks fine till a random moment while a scene change.
When i play without OBS then everything works fine.

My PC:

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (6x 3.7GHz / 4.6GHz Turbo)
be quiet! Dark Rock 4
GigaByte 8GB NVIDIA RTX3070 Gaming OC rev. 1
MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WIFI ( Wlan + BT)
32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 Patriot 3600MHz VIPER Steel
1TB Crucial P2 M.2 NVME-SSD (L 2400MB/s ; S 1800MB/s)
SSD 1TB Crucial MX500 (560MB/s - 510MB/s)
750W be quiet! Straight Power 11


Main: Samsung 27 Zoll WQHD 144Hz (connected with DisplayPort)
Second und Thrid: Samsung 24 Zoll FHD 60 Hz (one HDMI and the other one Displayport)

My attempted solutions:

- reinstall all GPU driver
- reinstall OBS
- checked for updates (everyhting is on the lates driver version)
- checked the cables
- checked the crashlogs of OBS, there are no enties unfortunately
- checked the RAM: is fine in every situation no even close to the limit
- temps of the GPU are between 50° and 60° so no problem there
- CPU cool alswell and have temps between 45° und 60°

I would be very happy if someone could help me bc i bought this pc for streaming and now it doesnt work like it should :/

i added my OBS settings

Thanks in advance


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