rtx 3070

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    Laggy video

    I've been trying to record videos, but despite having a good pc with a rtx 3070, the output videos of obs are, even if I just record my desktop, very laggy or stuttering. Can anyone help me ? also, if needed, here is my obs log:
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    OBS Won't Stop Recording on High - End PC (RTX 3070)

    Hi guys! I was recording a Warzone gameplay, paused and resumed the recording several times, accdientaly started some streams but cancelled them inmediately, all of that for an approximately 25-minute final recording, I stopped the recording, and then it got stuck. It had happened to me also one...
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    HELP! Dual PC Stream Setup. RTX 3070 Cannot Stream & Record

    I recently got a new Streaming PC for my dual setup. This one has: i7 12700K MSI RTX 3070 32GB of Ram Windows 10 64 at idle with OBS open and NOT recording or streaming it would be at 47 Percent usage. When I would start streaming it would shoot up to 75 percent and stay there. Trying to...
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    OBS and GPU crash after change of scene

    Hey guys, first of all sorry for my english, i tried my best :) The Problem: I started streaming 2 Weeks ago and i can start my stream with zero problems. I can change the scene and play like hours in a game without any problems. But as soon i close the game esspecially League of Legends in...
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    100% CPU every time I run OBS.

    Yes, I read the pinned post. Nothing stood out to me as an obvious cause, though I am admittedly not an expert and I may have missed something. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/pSdjTypucevj-pTj i7 4790K RTX 3070 StarTech PEXHDCAP PCI-E Capture Card (supports up to 1080i30p) 32GB RAM...
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    Not able to use my discrete graphics card for running OBS studio

    Hi! So I have already checked a lot of posts regarding how to get rid of that "black screen" in obs. Now the solution where you go in the graphics settings and then choose to run obs studio via dedicated/discrete GPU manually did not COMPLETELY solved my problem. So the issue is that, that...
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    Ryzen 5900X - RTX 3070 - OBS LAGGING my PC (recording & streaming)

    Hi! I recently build a decent gaming PC and now I'm running into issues when it comes to streaming & recording. I have a great network connection, that's not the problem at all (600 mb/s upload - 940 download), PC is solid (5900X, RTX 3070, 32GB 3200mhz CL16 RAM, M.2 SSD - Kingston A2000 1TB)...
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    rtx 3070 and dropped frames

    Hello to everyone, i'm new in the world of obs but before writing you i have followed a couple of guide. I hope you can help me with my problem. I have a rtx 3070 as GPU and my cpu is a ryzen 5 3600x. I'm streaming call of duty warzone at 1080p 60 fps. The issue is that when i try to put the...