Not able to use my discrete graphics card for running OBS studio


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So I have already checked a lot of posts regarding how to get rid of that "black screen" in obs. Now the solution where you go in the graphics settings and then choose to run obs studio via dedicated/discrete GPU manually did not COMPLETELY solved my problem.

So the issue is that, that black screen is removed only when I choose the inbuilt graphics card. But when I select my rtx 3070 to run obs I again get that black screen.

Now I would be fine using my inbuilt GPU if my obs studio didn't end up crashing whenever I play games. So yeah, looks like I need my rtx 3070 to capture all the stuff. As my inbuilt GPU is insufficient to capture all the inputs.

I've never used any forums before so not sure how this work. But below is the info of my laptop:
Asus strix g17
Ryzen 5800H
RTX 3070

So can someone help me out here. As it's consuming a LOT of time of mine when I do the editing later instead of it being real time in obs.
Thank you in advance.

P.S. do let me know if screenshots are needed.


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If you're using a laptop, there is no workaround. Full-stop. It comes down to how the architecture is arranged.

Display Capture should be avoided at all costs anyway; it is the WORST performing capture method available. Use a Game or Window Capture instead.