1. S

    Question / Help Laptop Wireless vs. Ethernet

    Hello. I use NDI between 2x PCs to stream (PCs are wired via switch/router, switch/router is wired to modem) GamingPC outputs to Laptop via NDI okay (OBS captures Gaming PC fine). Streaming from Laptop via wireless is fine. OBS fails to stream via ethernet (wireless adapter is disabled)* *Bind...
  2. U

    Question / Help problem with stream through video card

    Hello, I faced such a problem that the obs does not broadcast with the codec H.264.The current version of the video driver is installed. In the log, I do not pick it up. I will be grateful for the help My laptop: Intel core i5-8250u nvidea mx150 8gb ram Windows 10pro 64bit log: 09:55:44.939...
  3. O

    Question / Help Dual pc stream high cpu usage problem. Video/stream lags

    I have a dedicated streaming laptop which I use to stream and I game with another pc. Laptop specs: MSI GP62MVR 7RF-633NE CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz I am using avermedia u3 capture card between the two computers and when i use "faster" cpu...
  4. L

    Question / Help No preview, black output, only audio for all sources (first time user)

    Hi y'all, I'm a first time OBS user. I want to use it to record short clips for my PhD dissertation from Youtube, Netflix and others. I just spent the last two hours and a half trying to make it work, reading a million posts, and I'm close to giving up on the program, so any help is welcome...
  5. X

    Question / Help [Solved] - Dell Intel/AMD graphics laptop black display capture workaround

    I have been fighting this for months and have finally figured out a workaround so I thought I would share since I haven't been able to find a solution online that suggested this. Hopefully this saves someone some headache (maybe add this to the blank display capture sticky?) TLDR: With an...
  6. R

    Question / Help HP Probook 450 G1 OBS Crashing

    I don't use OBS on my laptop usually but will need to do some remote streaming in the next year, and I was double checking that everything was working correctly. I found that OBS would crash instantly when I tried to run it. I downloaded the latest version and it is still problematic. That...
  7. P

    Question / Help Black Screen on window capture (after following advice)

    Hello, I'm trying to capture the screen of the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows using OBS, but I just get the dreaded black screen. My system is an ASUS laptop with dual GPU (this must be the bain of your life at the moment) I've searched extensively online and on this forum and followed...
  8. C

    Question / Help Laptop Game Capture

    Hello All, I'm new to using OBS and streaming. Im trying to stream fallout 76 from my laptop and I have a second monitor. Im trying to use the game capture on OBS with fullscreen but when I have the game on my primary screen it just shows a black screen. However when I put it on the second...
  9. S

    Question / Help game capture no video but laptop only has integrated graphics

    I'm trying to use game capture to capture a full screen game (Age of Empires 1), but it's only capturing audio; the video is all black. There's a sticky on this topic, "laptop black screen? read this first", but that doesn't seem to apply because that's talking about laptops with two GPUs, an...
  10. L

    Question / Help how to fix the black box?

    i have a hp omen gameing notebook. i am trying to use this program to steam on twitch. but when i use game capture for any game it just pops up a blank black box. can i even use this laptop for streaming? ive looked up how to fix it and nothing works. any and all help would be amazing!
  11. L

    Question / Help OBS Studio Can't Record or show anything (display and window capture) on my laptop

    Please help me!. I tried opening OBS studio to record my screen (display capture) and all it showed was this black screen and nothing comes up.
  12. A

    Question / Help Stream echo when streaming from PS4 --> Elgato --> OBS --> Twitch?

    Hello, A friend of mine has been having a problem setting up his streams. He plays games on his PS4 and streams then using a capture card (Elgato) to OBS, which streams to twitch. He uses two mic inputs, if I understand correctly. He uses his headset for his game and party chat, and uses the...
  13. ProsperousHeart

    Question / Help Newbie With Black Display Screen Using OBS For FB Live

    Hello all! Been using OBS a looong time and love what I've been able to do! I recently compared the requirements for facebook live streaming with what was on my OBS settings because I was having issues of video lag ... But since then I can't do display captures so I can't share my screen! :(...
  14. P

    Question / Help Black Screen Help

    So, I've tried a lot of stuff to fix this problem yet nothing. I'm running display capture for recording purposes (note that game capture is working and is my current backup but I would like to capture everything). So when I launch OBS the display capture is working fine, however when I launch a...
  15. T

    Question / Help Can Stream but cannot record

    Hi I am able to stream to Twitch (albeit very poorly due to my internet), but I cannot record locally. I have done a lot of searching and it appears that this is a rare issue. I am running a laptop with a Nvidia Graphics Card. Relevant Log attached.
  16. M

    Question / Help Looking for laptop or pc

    I am really on a budget like pockets empty ready to start a go fund me budget but I need a computer. I have a PS4 and I am looking toward getting an elgato but I need a pc first! I do not want a high end pc I want a pic that will let me make overlays and use them with obs nothing more nothing...
  17. M

    Question / Help Share laptop screen with Win10 desktop running OBS?

    We're doing a Facebook Live show in which several participants will be discussing a story of the day. As they're talking, we'd like to have a show producer on a laptop pulling up websites and exploring them on air as they go. The Windows 10 desktop PC powering OBS Studio does not have a...
  18. K

    Question / Help Is an Intel Core i3-7100U 7th Generation enough for streaming watchable quality console gameplay to twitch?

    So I'm at a bit of a standstill as far as my twitch streaming goes. My current pc is an old dell inspiron 545 with a dang Pentium dual core, and it cannot run obs at any watchable quality. As a result I'm looking to invest in a new computer for streaming console gameplay via capture card. So I...
  19. Sarbjot_Singh

    Question / Help Laptop, Black screen when capturing

    I have tried all possible solutions provided for black screen when capturing,on forum. Please help me with settings. I am uploading log files.
  20. E

    Question / Help Windows 10: OBS keeps using integrated graphics card. Black screen in Display Capture, solutions in stickied thread won't work

    Here's my specs. Here's my NVidia settings showing I have OBS set to use the Nvidia card. Here's what the log said when trying to use Display Capture with the Nvidia card. I'm using the x64 version, but the x32 version is doing the same thing. When I set...