1. D

    Obs after sometime drops cpu clock and locks there

    I stream on laptop razer blade 14 2021 with ryzen 5900hx and rtx 3070 and my problem is when obs is on wheater recording or streaming sometimes cpu clock drops to 0.40 ghz and stays there till i close obs so it makes streaming basicaly impossible and i don't know what to do, i checked temps and...
  2. were491

    How do I use the "New" Quicksync Encoder on OBS Studio, and is it the source of my performance issues?

    I'm currently attempting to record my screen on a slow laptop with Intel Quicksync. Since my laptop fan is loud, I'd like recording to use as little resources as possible to keep the noise down. I've tested and compared the screen recorder built into Intel Graphics Command Center and the screen...
  3. G

    need Hints to reduce Stress on Cpu Because of own-made Overlay

    Hi, first of all: im a Streamer since 3 months and i love it❤ now the Problem: I made my very own Overylay with GIMP and Davinci Resolve Fusion. I made some Panels with Animated Backroung and Finally a big Gameframe with an animation. I was scared how big such files can be. The Frame has a...
  4. I

    Streaming repeteadly Disconnect and Riconnect

    Good Morning, from more than a week I had a problem with the streaming. From one day to another after few minutes I start the live OBS starts to disconnects and tries to reconnect to the stream, if it succeeds after a few more minutes the thing happen again. I read on the internet, and on your...
  5. V

    Minecraft recording issues

    I have a lot of problems recording minecraft with obs. The main one being, the recording lags and stutters so much, whereas while im recording there is virtually no lag. i'm really confused as to why this keeps happening, and am open to any suggestions. thanks a lot for any help! im on a laptop...
  6. T

    Scrambled screen?!

    I have a brand new laptop and capture card. I can’t seem to figure why my screen looks like this
  7. C

    Could someone explain what the settings mean in the Streaming section?

    I usally stream video games on, and the quality I get from the stream is a little bit pixelated, soo I'm wondering if I could get better video quality if those settings are correctly set?
  8. P

    Not able to use my discrete graphics card for running OBS studio

    Hi! So I have already checked a lot of posts regarding how to get rid of that "black screen" in obs. Now the solution where you go in the graphics settings and then choose to run obs studio via dedicated/discrete GPU manually did not COMPLETELY solved my problem. So the issue is that, that...
  9. YounSMax

    Stream Game Crash (DirectX)

    Ok, so the other day I decided to reinstall windows because I thought it was running kinda slow. That's when the problem started occurring on my laptop. I stream on a laptop with a GTX 1050Ti and since downloading windows, games keep crashing when I'm streaming. Not only that but I also use...
  10. T

    Ryzen 5 4500U Dedicated Streaming (Encoder Overloaded)

    Hello lovely OBS community. Recently I have purchased Dell Inspiron 5505 laptop, which has Ryzen 5 4500U 6 cores 6 threads and 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM. I was trying to use it as a dedicated streaming PC via NDI OBS and was trying to encode at x264 faster 936P 60FPS. I thought 6 cores and 6 threads...
  11. patnaree

    I am trying to install OBS VirtrualCam 2.0 on a 32-bit Windows 7 laptop

    Is there a way to install OBS VirtrualCam 2.0 on 32-bit Windows 7? I tried installing it like 3 times and it still doesn't work at all. Do you have any ideas how to install it on 32-bit Windows 7? When I installed it it had this error during installation: The module "obs-virtrualsource.dll" may...
  12. M

    Low End Laptop settings for obs

    Hi, I am using a laptop to stream in facebook gaming but it gets laggy mid way of the stream i have record and stream turn on at the same time. I am using apowermirror to stream mobile games. I need help for the best settings MY LAPTOP SPECS ARE intel i5 4th gen 8gb ram Intel hd graphics 4gb...
  13. N

    [SOLVED | Laptop Issue | Streaming to Twitch] Dropped frames as soon as a game is turned on.

    Greeting Windows Support Community of OBS, I'm currently having issues while streaming to Twitch at the moment and I tried using the discord but I thought the forum might be a better place at the same time, the results/solutions(if we ever get one) would be documented for someone else. So...
  14. 3

    OBS Very Stuterry on Recording (MSI Laptop)

    Hello there and I've been recording with OBS since last month but the recordings from last month was clean and smooth. Recently these past 2 or 3 days I've been trying to record again for a YouTube video it stutters so much but when I'm playing and recording the game is so smooth its just the...
  15. S

    Black screen on my laptop (already tried the thread at the main page, but didn't worked)

    I tried to upload my log file but when I try to do it OBS show me a message of error.
  16. N

    Am I doing to much?

    On my desktop I have Reckordbox and OBS; using my pioneer controller I stream my show. Always about an 1.5hrs in the whole system crashes and I have to restart my PC. I just bought a laptop. On the laptop I downloaded Reckordbox and have that connected to my controller. That works perfect. I...
  17. I

    Window Capture Issue With The New Update

    Hi, when I click on the browser window (The windows being captured through window capture), something weird happens. (As you can see in the gif) The enabled mouse cursor is invisible but the main problem is the recording goes blank and the mouse cursor becomes visible and starts to leave trails...
  18. T

    Dell Inspiron 15 5567 OBS Settings

    Hi Guys, These are my current specs: CPU - Intel i5-7200U @ 2,5Ghz GPU - AMD RADEON R7 M440 4GB - Dedicated GPU - Intel HD Graphics 620 - Integrated RAM - 16 GB @ 2400Mhz - Used to have only 8gb but I added another 8gb I use OBS to record reaction videos on my YouTube...
  19. R

    Hi OBS users someone help me!

    i want to record roblox videos and i tried everything, i watched many videos on youtube how best to do this without lag and delays? I have an windows 10 laptop as you can see. what are the best settings to apply? I have literally tried everything. Someone who is happy to help me? I appreciate...
  20. L

    Can Someone help me to match OBS Recording Settings for my Laptop?

    Hello, let's say I record a video on youtube, with OBS, or any game or anything. when I import it into premiere pro, the premiere will work so slow, it will slow down even if I only make cuts. But let's say i install a video using any youtube video downloader, the premiere pro it's going to work...