Ridiculous tearing and stutter in recording on laptop


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Firstly, stuttering is the most obvious when looking at the clips. When the clip stutters it actually shows older frames instead of just hanging on a frame.

Secondly, the tearing is next level, the video tears in weird clumps of pixels instead of a distinct line and is very 2-dimentional. A common kind of tearing is this Z-shaped mark that you can see here:
I don't have these problems using Nvidia's GFE but I was hoping to use OBS for capturing since it doesn't need to detect a game to record anything. My laptop is an MSI GF75 Thin 9SD with a GTX 1660Ti (not Max-Q) and an i7-9750H.

Here is a capture using GeForce experience: https://streamable.com/eubhbl

Here is a capture using my old settings in OBS Studio: https://streamable.com/s9ffrq

Here is a capture using default settings in OBS Studio: https://streamable.com/8h0r55