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    Screen tearing and poor recording and stream quality Mac mini

    Hello, First time here and I don't know what to look for to get help. So I am probably making a thread about something extensively covered, but I don't know the terms to search for to fix this. Anyway. I have a Mac mini M1, 16gb Memory running Ventura 13.4.1. I am running the latest version of...
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    Ridiculous tearing and stutter in recording on laptop

    Firstly, stuttering is the most obvious when looking at the clips. When the clip stutters it actually shows older frames instead of just hanging on a frame. Secondly, the tearing is next level, the video tears in weird clumps of pixels instead of a distinct line and is very 2-dimentional. A...
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    'Tearing' on playback of MP4 files to YouTube? Which settings to tweak pls?

    Hi Folks, I'm using OBS to stream .MP4 flies to my YouTube channel but when they play back there seems to be some tearing, especially when the 'camera' (they are animations) zooms in and out or pans around - which settings should I tweak pls? It's not terrible, and is only really noticable...
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    Screen tearing in recording (but not while playing)

    Hello all, I have started recording Return of the Obra Dinn for a let's play. I used the same settings as for my previous recording for which I had no issues. I saw no problem on the screen while playing. However when I started editing the video, there was a clear tearing whenever I was moving...
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    Question / Help Screen tears VHS conversion

    Hello everyone, I'm using a capture card to digitize old VHS tapes. First I used the included Honestech software, but i wasn't satisfied by the quality. So I wanted to use OBS. OBS doesn't stutter, but it has another problem, it tears up my screen. I've been looking for a fix all afternoon...
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    Question / Help Weird tearing/stuttering while obs is open.

    Hey, I'm having issues with weird tearing/stuttering in game while obs open. It doesn't even need to be recording. I've tried changing my settings but nothing seems to work. I've included a log file, any help would be appreciated :)
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    Question / Help OBS + Webcam Input Issues.

    I recently got a new GPU. So I upgraded. The card is BETTER than the last one. I think this has something to do with my issue because my set up use to work with no problems. I use Webcams for my main source and now when I load up OBS the Webcams feeds are glitchy/tearing/freezing. They are...