Question / Help Screen tears VHS conversion


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Hello everyone,

I'm using a capture card to digitize old VHS tapes. First I used the included Honestech software, but i wasn't satisfied by the quality. So I wanted to use OBS.

OBS doesn't stutter, but it has another problem, it tears up my screen. I've been looking for a fix all afternoon, but I can't seem to get it.

Screenshot in Honestech TVR 2.5:

Screenshot in OBS:

Screenshots of my settings:


I've been looking for a fix all day but can't get a helpful answer. Hope someone can help me so I can make my grandparents happy with some good quality video. If you need any more info, let me know.

Log file:

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, I am starting to convert VHC with DigitNow capture device which also came with Honestech software. I am trying to get the settings optimized for OBS rather than Honestech to record the file to my laptop. Do you mind sharing the de-interlacing setting used or any other tricks you've found since?