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    VHS capture using S-video B/W problem

    I am trying to capture some old VHS videos using a VCR linked via s-video into a HT VIDBOX NW06 and USB into my Windows 10 PC. The sound is capturing fine, but the video is B/W , not colour. I have looked at OBS , but can't see any specific setting which needs to be changed/ This happens...
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    VHS to digital via OBS or SLOBS with DEINTERLACING+VP9

    Hello! How I can convert VHS (PAL) to MP4(H264) via OBS or SLOBS with deinterlace filter? Avidemux (for example) have exellent deinterlace filters, but I would like to use it in OBS or SLOBS. Do I need any mod or script for deinterlace? And how I can record in OBS or SLOBS using VP9 and OPUS...
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    Question / Help Question / Help Recording VHS with OBS - Screen Partition

    Almost done, I only need to fix this image problem. It happens with any tape that I use. Why this partition on screen is happening? Anyone can help? I hope someone can help me.
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    Question / Help Pandemic Project

    I'm copying vhs tapes and I have no sound while recording nor in recorded file. What do I need to do to get sound? Here's the log file. https://obsproject.com/logs/FBjB8hz_MROCy0OA
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    Apply shader effects from SHADERTOY to OBS (with obs-shader-effects)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to apply a "bad TV" or VHS effect on a livestream with OBS. I've oriented my research towards the SHADER option. I installed the Shader-effects plugin on OBS. The plugin works well with the provided presets. However, the other presets found on the internet don't work...
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    Question / Help Screen tears VHS conversion

    Hello everyone, I'm using a capture card to digitize old VHS tapes. First I used the included Honestech software, but i wasn't satisfied by the quality. So I wanted to use OBS. OBS doesn't stutter, but it has another problem, it tears up my screen. I've been looking for a fix all afternoon...
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    Question / Help Trying to make lower resoloutions look.. smoother?

    i'm trying to transfer VHS-C tapes to my computer and it's all going well just, the sudden edges look a bit.. jegged. would there be a way i can get a form of filtering so that jagged edges don't look so.. jagged? like i've got the output resoloution scaled up to 1280x960 from the 640x480...
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    Question / Help Capturing VHS only black and white

    Hey, I know this is probably not the most interesting problem to you guys, but I am trying to capture old VHS home videos. So, I got one of those capture sticks (CSL USB 2.0 Grabber) and my dads old VCR (Panasonic NV-FJ615) hooked up to my computer. When I configure OBS I don't get a picture...
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    Question / Help OBS lag after 1 VHS transfer

    Hello everyone, i'm new to the forum and been using OBS since yesterday. I'm in the process of transferring VHS tapes with a video grabber, and i started yesterday with my first tape, this went fine with no trouble, now after this OBS Started ''stuttering/lagging'' in my second video recording...