VHS to Digital Audio Issues- Audio extremely loud and voices hard to make out


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Hi guys, as per the title, I'm currently transferring my old vhs tapes to digital using OBS, however I'm having audio issues. The audio is coming through, but it's being recorded really loudly (all voices are blaring and kind of jumbled up). I've turned the audio input capture down (this does help lower the volume, but the voices are still jumbled to some degree), all the other channels are disabled and I've tried all the audio filters to see if any help, but to no avail. Any help?


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It seems the analog input is overloaded. In case you connected some audio output of your VCR to your computer, make sure you connect it to a "line in" jack, not into a "microphone" jack. Microphone is way more sensitive and may be overloaded by non-microphone sources. And make sure you don't use a speaker output (too high level) but a regular audio output.