audio issues

  1. I

    Audio has terrible static

    I could not find any info on this issue, if there is I apologize! For a little while now I have started having issues with my OBS audio. Specifically, from time to time my audio gets awful static. It's only the audio sources from "Application Capture" function, so not my Microphone input or...
  2. Larry-Boy

    Audio randomly getting out of sync during a recording session.

    Hello! First time on the forum, we’re having a randomly occurring issue where mid-recording, the audio will get out of sync. The audio mixer shows it during the session as well. Everything’s up-to-date. Is there a particular setting that might fix this issue?? Here’s the setup: -PC is running...
  3. F

    Please help!! No Audio issues

    Hello, Its has been a week since we received our Elgato capture card in the mail. I want to record using OBS but i can not for the life of me get the game audio and the mic audio to capture at the same time! I am just starting out and have very little knowledge about these systems like OBS. We...
  4. E

    Capture card audio sounds perfect on my end, but randomly dips in volume on the stream feed

    Hi everyone, I'm streaming a PS4 Pro through an Elgato HD60 S on a ROG Zephyrus in Windows 11. As the title says, the game audio sounds perfect for me, but the stream feed's game audio fades in and out, and I can't tell if it's random or when the game audio gets soft and loud. I've tried so...
  5. L

    Desktop audio delay

    Recently I have come across an issue where on my streams and recordings of OBS, my desktop audio is delayed in comparison to what is happening on screen. I am not entirely sure how to fix this, and for extra context, I did install two plugins for OBS, a blur effect and source clone, but they...
  6. J

    VHS to Digital Audio Issues- Audio extremely loud and voices hard to make out

    Hi guys, as per the title, I'm currently transferring my old vhs tapes to digital using OBS, however I'm having audio issues. The audio is coming through, but it's being recorded really loudly (all voices are blaring and kind of jumbled up). I've turned the audio input capture down (this does...
  7. nikolajs

    Desktop Audio Randomly Turning Off

    Hello - I have been experiencing issues with the Desktop audio where the audio randomly turns off. The only way to fix this is to change the method of the Desktop source to something else and then change it back. MacOS: 13.0.1 (22A400) OBS Version: 29.0.2
  8. P

    Camera Audio issues

    I have 2 cameras attached to my computer and want them to have their own audio track and I am running across some issues. I created a scene and added a video capture device for both cameras. My Audio Mixer shows the Desktop Audio, Mic/Aux, Mic/Aux 2, Mic/Aux 3 since I have those enabled in the...
  9. L

    Audio Issues: Dual PC Setup through OBS with Elgato HD60X

    I am setting up a dual PC setup by using the Elgato HD60X. As per the minimal instructions Elgato provides within the package, I have the capture card usb plugged into my streaming laptop, the HDMI input to my gaming PC, and some others said to have the HDMI output to my main monitor. My camera...
  10. Z

    Game audio fading in and out!

    LOG FILE -> I am at the end of my rope with my OBS. I have had this new computer since September 2022 and I have had unending audio issues, to the point that I haven't streamed or recorded content SINCE I GOT IT. As stated in the title, the game...
  11. TraineeTanker

    No mike added to obs but I still hear It in my headset

    I have scoured the Deepest corners of YouTube and dove off a cliff in the forums. So, I keep hearing my mike in my headset and I cannot get it gone, when I'm streaming my voice comes back at me and trips me up in live streams. Inside OBS I added a Mike, but viewers told me there is an...
  12. 5

    Microphone Crackling During Gameplay Recording (not streaming)

    Hey there, This is my first time ever posting in a forum so hopefully I do alright. I usually am pretty good about troubleshooting and solving my issues on my own; however, I am at a complete loss on this one. I have been using OBS to record videos for YouTube for a little while now, a little...
  13. T No speech.

    Hello I wanted to see whether it was just me or whether other people are having this problem. I'm using speech to read what people are typing on Twitch so I can keep my eyes on the road and not on the map. As of the Mac OS 12.3 update speech chat does textually print out the speech...
  14. H

    Serious Audio Issues

    I've been messing around with this for literally days and I've gotten it to work once and never again. I am using an AKAI EIE pro 4in4out interface with a Shure sm58 I can't get the audio to work reliably at all. If I get it to work even slightly it's only on one end. I would like to be able...
  15. C

    Audio Issues When Recording/Streaming

    So whenever I record something, the audio has an audible bass boost (at least I think that's what it is. In another recording it sounds shallow, if that makes any sense). Been looking at every thread imaginable can't find a fix to it. My recording...
  16. Phil McCrackin

    Record from iPad air

    I just bought a MacBook Air. Im attempting to record from my iPad Air with OBS on the MacBook. Took forever but it finally saw my iPad using the video capture device function. I was thinking sound should come through automatically. Im new to the program so no doubt I’m missing something. I...
  17. A

    Blue Yeti Mic ONLY having bad static sound in OBS

    Hi! So I have a huge problem with my Blue Yeti Microphone on OBS. Every time I speak into it, I have a strong static sound (not background noise, literally just a horrible loud static sound whenever I speak that makes me sound kinda robotic). However, this literally only happens on OBS and not...
  18. M

    Video Runs Smoothly, Audio Completely Missing

    I'm kind of losing my mind at this point and figured, why not let's try here. The problem is just as listed in the title of the post: my video capture (for both PS4 and Switch) runs completely smoothly with no lag for inputs. The sound, however, is absolutely nowhere to be found. I had just...
  19. A

    Audio Issues. Sound keeps cutting out.

    Hello. I need help finding a solution to my audio issues when I stream. I streamed a game on pc everything worked great. Then I started streaming on console using my laptop and worked fine until the next few days the audio starts cutting out for a brief second. I looked videos on how to fix the...
  20. H

    Audio Echo Issues

    I am just getting started with streaming and I'm having issues setting up OBS. Every time I try to start streaming, I get an audio echo and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it working right. Can I get some tips on how to get my audio and microphone working right?