Please help!! No Audio issues


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Its has been a week since we received our Elgato capture card in the mail. I want to record using OBS but i can not for the life of me get the game audio and the mic audio to capture at the same time! I am just starting out and have very little knowledge about these systems like OBS. We messed with all kinds of setting untill we lost audio and visual. Almost thought the Elgato was to blame. Please help I have screwed this up so bad I had to reset all setting on my computer to default uninstalled everything and reinstalled. This worked for the most part but now we are back to not having any game audio captured by mic in the headphones. i have the Xbox audio and computer audio working just fine. Please Please help me I'm so frustrated I'm seeing red!!!!!!!!! i do have the Elgato cable that attached to the capture card and to the headphones.