vhs capture

  1. A

    Forced overlay? (VHS capture newbie)

    To those wiser than I (especially in digitizing VHS tapes): Newbie to OBS here. In the middle of trying different digitizing methods for hundreds of VHS tapes. Now trying OBS with my Elgato HD 60X and i've noticed the first few seconds features an overlay showing "AV/NTSC" in the upper right...
  2. CaseyStelken

    VHS Capture - enabling Yadif 2x Deinterlacing causing dropped frames

    Hey gang. I'm digitizing VHS tapes played on a JVC VCR through Elgato Video Capture via OBS 30.1.2 on Windows 10 Home. I've noticed that enabling Yadif 2x deinterlacing, I see a lot of dropped frames, resulting in "stuttering" video, especially when a camera is panning left-to-right. Here is...
  3. C

    No video when converting VHS to digital

    I have never used OBS before, total newbie here I have a VGB300 video capture card which instructs me to use OBS to capture the recording The audio works perfectly but there is no video displaying, I can also record the audio with no issues I have tested the VCR player and cables and it's all...
  4. J

    VHS to Digital Audio Issues- Audio extremely loud and voices hard to make out

    Hi guys, as per the title, I'm currently transferring my old vhs tapes to digital using OBS, however I'm having audio issues. The audio is coming through, but it's being recorded really loudly (all voices are blaring and kind of jumbled up). I've turned the audio input capture down (this does...
  5. D

    Chroma/Luma noise reduction filter

    As the title says, this kind of plugin on the video filters would be helpful and needed. I do see often that some cheaper/older webcams are prone for introducing a lot of chroma noise that is impossible to get rid of. There is plugins like these for video editors, so I bet that there is...
  6. V

    Mini Dv Camcorder to Digital (JVC DVF11U) Audio Problem (Choppy Sound)

    Hi, I am using my camcorder to record videos off of my Mini DV tapes. When transferring my tapes to digital, I use an Easy Cap AV to USB cable. This allows "AV 2.0" to come up on OBS studio which produces the video capture from the device perfectly. However, the Audio when I record straight from...
  7. P

    Good VHS Video SHOWS as EXTREMELY FAINTED on Laptop Screen

    Couple of months back I had used the exact configuration to convert many OLD VHS tapes to digital *.mkv and/or *mp4 format videos with out any problem. My configuration consists of Windows 10 OS, OBS Studio 27.2.4 (64 bit), Source= Video Capture Device; Device: USB Video; Recording Format: mp4...
  8. R

    Audio lag with Dazzle 100 and EasyCap on VHS tapes digitalizations

    I use Dazzle 100 to capture de video of my olds vhs tapes. But the device only can capture the video of my tapes, so i use an Easycap for capture the audio Sometimes the captures works great! but many times the audio and video are out of sync at some parts of the final mp4. In the biginings of...
  9. S

    Digitalizing VHS

    Everything has gone smoothly with the process. I can hear the VHS, I can see it. The only problem is when I go to my recordings and watch the video, there is no sound.
  10. I

    Problems with VHS C cassettes

    Hello, im in the process of transferring old family videos to digital. I have successfully transferred all my VHS tape’s using OBS. The issue is with VHS C tapes. These tapes will play when the VCR is connected to my Tv, but when i attempt to play them through OBS, the screen just goes...
  11. G

    VHS conversion glitches

    I am having a problem with converting VHS tapes with an EasyCAP AV to USB converter hooked up to OBS. One tape worked completely fine, (it was an SVHS tape) but any other normal VHS tape has glitches and artifacts making the video unwatchable. Is there any way I can fix this? Example...
  12. W

    OBS blue screen while recording VHS tapes (used to work fine)

    Hello everyone, I've managed to record 10 VHS tapes just fine using OBS. Today, when I put another tape in, all I can see is the VCR menu, but when I press play, there is no video, it's just blue screen. I've tried different cables, different USB ports, unistalling and reinstalling drivers, I've...
  13. W

    OBS doesn't recognize VCR (video grabber) as a source, but it does on my laptop. I'm lost :(

    My USB video grabber (pretty much just like EZ Cap) works like a charm on my old laptop using OBS, but it doesn't on my computer - it doesn't show up as a source (the source is Polaris Video Capture) no matter what I do. I've been installing, deleting and reinstalling drivers (using the CD that...
  14. L

    RED letters on the left side??? In my try to make another capture device - from the same USB capture stick - I have no choice for "AV TO USB 2.0"

    Windows 10 Pro PC 1 I can not Get/Capture VCR/VHS input picture, in this PC >>>> // try VHS - TO - > MP4... Why RED letters on the left side??? In my try to make another capture device - from the same USB capture stick - I have no choice for "AV TO USB 2.0"... 2 NOTE: I have tried before on...