Good VHS Video SHOWS as EXTREMELY FAINTED on Laptop Screen


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Couple of months back I had used the exact configuration to convert many OLD VHS tapes to digital *.mkv and/or *mp4 format videos with out any problem. My configuration consists of Windows 10 OS, OBS Studio 27.2.4 (64 bit), Source= Video Capture Device; Device: USB Video; Recording Format: mp4, Encoder: Hardware (QSV); Recording Quality: High Quality, Medium File Size. On the HARDWARE side, I am using 1) RCA to HDMI Converter by ABLEWE (1080P MINI Converter Adapter), and 2) 1080P Video Capture Card Adapter with a 8 inch cable, by AMZHRLY for the HDMI to USB Converter. The HDMI to USB Converter cable is plugged into a USB2 Port and the MINI AV2HDMI's Power cord is plugged into a USB3 Port.

I have verified the quality of the VHS tape by first sending the video to my SAMSUNG Smart TV; it shows up as very clear and normal colors. But, when I switch the RCA connectors to the MINI AV2HDMI Adapter and then through the OBS software via the HDMI Video Capture Adapter, the same VHS video is seen without any colors - just like a watered down, negatives in a slide, mostly invisible!

As I said earlier, I have used exactly same configuration couple of months back with very good results, so I am completely at a loss as to why I am having this problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the OBS software without any better luck. I have also flip-flopped the Adapters ports for the USB2 and USB3 but that didn't give any better outcomes.

I am hoping you can help me solve this problem. I'd be greatly, greatly appreciative and thankful to you.