poor video quality

  1. P

    Good VHS Video SHOWS as EXTREMELY FAINTED on Laptop Screen

    Couple of months back I had used the exact configuration to convert many OLD VHS tapes to digital *.mkv and/or *mp4 format videos with out any problem. My configuration consists of Windows 10 OS, OBS Studio 27.2.4 (64 bit), Source= Video Capture Device; Device: USB Video; Recording Format: mp4...
  2. TheIdahoan

    OBS was working just fine, last night out of nowhere, total trash

    I'm running on a 15 inch 2016 Macbook Pro. MacOS 10.15.7. 2.9 GHz Quad i7 16 GB ram OBS version is version 26.0.2 (mac) I have uploaded a task log that was created when I was streaming. Audio was just fine. However, the video quality was total garbage. The Video Bitrate is set at 3200 Kbps...