OBS doesn't recognize VCR (video grabber) as a source, but it does on my laptop. I'm lost :(


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My USB video grabber (pretty much just like EZ Cap) works like a charm on my old laptop using OBS, but it doesn't on my computer - it doesn't show up as a source (the source is Polaris Video Capture) no matter what I do. I've been installing, deleting and reinstalling drivers (using the CD that came with the video grabber) all day to no avail.

I have checked the list of drivers - they are exactly the same on my laptop and on my PC. Nothing is missing. OBS acts like the VCR is not connected to the computer, but it is.

The thing is - I've tried PowerDirector and VirtualDub as well, they do not recognize the VCR either. OBS is my favorite for converting VHS tapes, so I'm wondering if anyone has ever had the same issue...I've been dealing with this all day and I haven't found any solution..

Do you guys have any idea what might be causing this? Could my PC be missing some crucial drivers? I am happy to provide screenshots etc! Thank you so much.


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Sounds like you don't have the necessary drivers installed, especially if other programs aren't recognizing it either.

This unfortunately isn't an OBS problem, so there's not much we can help with here.