Problems with VHS C cassettes


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im in the process of transferring old family videos to digital. I have successfully transferred all my VHS tape’s using OBS. The issue is with VHS C tapes.

These tapes will play when the VCR is connected to my Tv, but when i attempt to play them through OBS, the screen just goes completely black. I cant even see my TV interfaces once the tape starts, like volume control.
I am using a VHSC tape adapter to play them, and a simple coThe tapes are not the issue as they play on other medians.

Any help is much appreciated, would love to transfer my old family videos before the cassettes go bad and they’re lost.

Thanks gang


I saw a problem like this on the Videohelp forum, it seems like some VCRs stop sending video if they think the tape has nothing on it. Maybe the adapter somehow makes the VCR think the tape is blank?

Also, I'm curious about your recording settings. I recently learned that OBS doesn't do interlaced recording and I'm pretty sure all VHS are interlaced, so you have to use deinterlacing. Yadif 2x and recording to 59.94 fps seems to be the best method