OBS blue screen while recording VHS tapes (used to work fine)


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Hello everyone,
I've managed to record 10 VHS tapes just fine using OBS. Today, when I put another tape in, all I can see is the VCR menu, but when I press play, there is no video, it's just blue screen. I've tried different cables, different USB ports, unistalling and reinstalling drivers, I've tried VHS tapes that I had successfully recorded, but nothing seems to be working.
Is it possible that the VCR just died all of a sudden? Even though OBS shows the VCR menu? Or could this be an OBS issue? Thank you so much.


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Since neither the "blue screen" nor the text within is generated by OBS Studio, it is no issue with OBS Studio. You said it's the VCR menu, so the capture device seems ok as well. So you receive a perfect screen from the VCR - it's the blue screen or the blue screen with the menu, both generated by the VCR. The issue seems with the VCR. You can verify this by disconnecting the VCR from the capture device. If the blue screen vanishes and is replaced with nothing, it's proof the issue is within the VCR.