blue screen

  1. kenway117

    Blue screen glitch while streaming

    Everytime I start stream I got a blue screen and PC restart is very annoying bc it happened since last update, how can I fix it?
  2. K

    OBS Keeps Blue Screening After Closing It...

    I don't know if it's due to other tabs being open, overloading anything in my computer, or plugins not shutting down properly, but I will sometimes close OBS and it will blue screen my computer making it reset. It got so prevalent that my computer needed to completely reset in order to try and...
  3. T

    OBS UI lag/blue screen problem

    Hello! Lately I have noticed that when I'm streaming on Twitch, my computer will occasionally blue screen after about 45-60 minutes of streaming. Also, before I even start streaming, my OBS UI is super laggy (like the audio mixer bars and stuff like that, even my mouse movement slows down a...
  4. Y


    Hi everyone, i tried to stream apex legends with obs, but the game crash(blue screen) so i uninstalled obs (which i thought was the problem) but the game still crash (always blue screen). Im trying to re install the game again,but im dying for anxious bc i dont wanna break my pc, even ruin it...
  5. S

    OBS crashing BSOD Watch dog error not being able to stream at all

    So for months now I've been having an issue with my pc where every time I try to stream my pc freezes then blue screens with a watch dog error. I literally can't stream. I've tried everything from reinstalling graphic drivers, updating any and all drivers on my pc, updating SSD firmware...
  6. M

    Please help me, I’m trying to stream over Facebook and my video quality gets blurry/pixelated when I move. It battle royal game

    Hi everyone, i would like to stream on Facebook. I’ve tried to stream on Facebook and the video quality is blurry when I move or pixelated. I've stable internet connection with the 16mb upload. I used a bitrate of 6000, i almost tried all of the settings, i tried on Facebook that’s the main...
  7. W

    OBS blue screen while recording VHS tapes (used to work fine)

    Hello everyone, I've managed to record 10 VHS tapes just fine using OBS. Today, when I put another tape in, all I can see is the VCR menu, but when I press play, there is no video, it's just blue screen. I've tried different cables, different USB ports, unistalling and reinstalling drivers, I've...
  8. S

    Blue screen During live stream

    Hi Everyone We've been using OBS for almost a year now, without a hitch. But today my pc crashed 3 times during our 1 hour long live stream. We have not done anything different than our usual streams. Thank You
  9. B

    OBS causes blue screen & system reboot after launch

    Hey guys! Before anyone gets annoyed and gives stupid answers, please be so kind to read my full post. I am fully aware that there are many many posts on the web with this exactly same issue, though mine still is differing a bit from all the others. Nevertheless I tried a lot of things other...
  10. TeVeN

    Blue screen after 30 to 50 minute stream

    Hi everyone I got blue screen after 30 or 50 minuter stream. I updated windows and drivers all time. my pc setup: Motherboard: Asus x570 - F CPU: ryzen 9 3900x GPU: MSI 2080ti Xtrio Ram: 32 GB tridentZ neo Webcam: logitech c920 Headset: logitech g633 Keyboard: logitech g512 mouse : logitech...
  11. R

    Laptop Blue Screen Crash with OBS and C920 Webcam

    Hi there, I hope I can get some answers here because this issue has been exhausting me mentally for the past few days. My Logitech C920 works fine when selected in Skype/Zoom and can be used for more than an hour without any problems. However, using it causes my laptop to crash when I pair it up...
  12. R

    Game streaming with Roxio Game Cap HD Pro

    I was attempting to set up a stream of NES Mini gameplay via Roxio Game Cap HD Pro on OBS Studio 25.0.8 when initially I had a black screen for the Roxio game capture. My webcam video capture was working fine. I initially deleted the Roxio video capture device source, but when I tried to re-add...
  13. T

    Question / Help Blue screen every time I want to stream.

    Hi guys ! I guys, I got a problem every time I want to stream on OBS. After 5 minutes of streaming my computer just crash... I give you crash log of one of these and a picture of my BSOD, I tried all possible : reset computer, reset Windows, nothing works... Can you help me please ? :)
  14. M

    Question / Help Obs wont load up after a windows update brings up a blue screen error

    My pc completed a windows update after the update I can no longer open OBS studio with out the pc bringing up a blue screen error and force restarting my pc. It states a stop code page fault in the nonpaged area and what failed: lvuvc64.sys. I called IBUYPOWER support they said it sounds like a...
  15. K

    Question / Help OBS causing PC Blue Screen

    Anyone else having this issue? All my drivers are up to date on my computer, figured that was the issue, but it isn't. Only doing it when I open OBS. It will be fluid and then lag to all hell and cause my PC to blue screen. It launches taking up 90% CPU usage then will go down to 0.8%. I noticed...