OBS causes blue screen & system reboot after launch

Bjoern L

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Hey guys!

Before anyone gets annoyed and gives stupid answers, please be so kind to read my full post.
I am fully aware that there are many many posts on the web with this exactly same issue, though mine still is differing a bit from all the others. Nevertheless I tried a lot of things other people did, to see if anything solves the problem anyway, but nothing did.

Basically I have the problem that my OBS causes a blue screen followed by a PC shutdown and reboot. But OBS ONLY causes this, when I am NOT streaming. While streaming I experience absolutely no problem and it's running stable. But when I am NOT streaming and just open OBS, keep it running for a couple of minutes without going live, it leads to the PC shutdown.

This issue suddently appeared without any reason and seems absolutely senseless to me, since I did not change anything on the system, the equipment or anything else. I also tried a lot of things to make 100% sure that OBS causes the problem and not any other application or device.

Since I am pretty new to that stuff, I'd appreciate if anyone could help me on this and let me know, if you need any further information. A crash log will follow in a couple of hourse, since I am not at home right now, but maybe you already know what to do, as this issue seems to be pretty common.
Further (to all the experts out there), please be so kind to explain the things to me like you would explain them to a kid instead of an IT specialist.

Thanks a LOT in advance!


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please post your OBS log and Crashlog from OBS
habe you an windows error code from the BSOD