1. S

    Stream Reconnecting after 10-30 minutes(sometimes every 5 minutes)

    Hello, i have a problem and i need your help Before, and even now, sometimes I stream to YouTube in maximum quality and with a bitrate of 15 thousand and stream working, but I decided to switch to twitch and there was a problem there, the stream itself reboots, I tried to lower the settings...
  2. Thimblesage

    Add Screenshot Options in settings

    Would love a 'screenshot' tab in the output options settings. It would be so nice to have image type options, discrete naming convention/output destinations. Before Instant Replay with media sources was a thing I use to do something similar with still images as a source and would update my stats...
  3. B

    OBS causes blue screen & system reboot after launch

    Hey guys! Before anyone gets annoyed and gives stupid answers, please be so kind to read my full post. I am fully aware that there are many many posts on the web with this exactly same issue, though mine still is differing a bit from all the others. Nevertheless I tried a lot of things other...
  4. M

    Video Capture Freezes

    This has being happening for awhile now. We have OBS setup to start broadcasting a secondary screen (Mainly with a countdown). When the countdown stops we normally click on a Video Capture Device Source we call Camera. Camera is been on and ready all this time and actually we have tested it...
  5. H

    Question / Help OBS Freeze's computer and forces reboot after opening.

    My OBS was completely fine a while ago with no issues and it just started to freeze my computer permanently unless I rebooted. My OBS is on the latest update. I have checked my logs and crash logs and it will not save anything unless I force it to. I have looked at the other forum posts on this...
  6. T

    Question / Help PC Crashing when using Elgato

    Hello, all! I am reporting this issue to the OBS forums because I figured some of you would know some information about this bug. It is not directly OBS related I think but whenever I try to use Elgato to record/stream with my Switch it will crash my computer. Now, recently I had been having an...