1. B

    OBS causes blue screen & system reboot after launch

    Hey guys! Before anyone gets annoyed and gives stupid answers, please be so kind to read my full post. I am fully aware that there are many many posts on the web with this exactly same issue, though mine still is differing a bit from all the others. Nevertheless I tried a lot of things other...
  2. C

    Camera shutting off, and then OBS crashes without any log

    So, whenever i go to the properties of my webcam... It shuts off. When i remove the camera to add it back, OBS crashes... And then it just sits in the background doing nothing. Nothing i've tried can close the process in the background (other than restarting my computer). Any help?
  3. B

    PC restarts after running OBS for about 20 minutes

    My pc will randomly restart while I’m trying to stream on OBS. it doesn’t happen when I’m playing the games and not running OBS but as soon as I start streaming it crashes about 20 minutes in. I’ll link my log below
  4. U

    Question / Help suddenly complete windows crash

    So we have a windows 10 64bit server with OBS on it Suddenly around 22:00 we got a black screen and the whole system went down (the complete pc was completely powered down) We were streaming for about 10 hours then could a developper look at the logs if this is a obs error? Advise in changes of...
  5. M

    Question / Help Obs wont load up after a windows update brings up a blue screen error

    My pc completed a windows update after the update I can no longer open OBS studio with out the pc bringing up a blue screen error and force restarting my pc. It states a stop code page fault in the nonpaged area and what failed: lvuvc64.sys. I called IBUYPOWER support they said it sounds like a...
  6. Yrfan

    Question / Help Quick sync doesn't work anymore ?!

    Hi everyone, well, 1 or 2 weeks ago, I could encode my stream with quick sync, and now when I choose this option, OBS shuts down without any error message... Here are the logs ! Thx for trying to help me ^^' My config : OS: Microsoft Windows 10...
  7. Aadhil

    Question / Help Laptop Shutting down while recording screen

    Peace. Hi. I've been trying to solve this for a long time. Laptop keeps shutting down after I start recording with OBS Studio. I can see there are some .dlls missing as stated in the log file so what should I do? laptop heats up considerably too before shutting down. I tried bringing fps down to...