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So we have a windows 10 64bit server with OBS on it
Suddenly around 22:00 we got a black screen and the whole system went down (the complete pc was completely powered down)
We were streaming for about 10 hours then
could a developper look at the logs if this is a obs error?
Advise in changes of obs/windows are absolutely welcome!

No crash logs where made by obs
ive already looked up in the windows logs without further explanation why the server crashed
No bluescreens, no crashreports by windows itself


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Sounds like a hardware problem, doubt it's related to OBS.
its brand new hardware, al the possible checks on it where made with no error
and its also not a temperature error we checked this already
all the latest appropriate drivers where installed


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I know this is 100% anecdotal, but my roommate and I had both of our computers power down at the exact same time today (9:13am CST). One was streaming with game running, the other was mid-game. The other computers in the house had also been auto-forced down at previous times yesterday. All came up with extra windows questions on start up (setting a pin, signing up for 365).

To me this seems like a forced windows update that somehow got pushed out.


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Run a stress test with Prime95 and Furmark to verify your hardware is not faulty.