obs 25.0.4

  1. U

    Question / Help suddenly complete windows crash

    So we have a windows 10 64bit server with OBS on it Suddenly around 22:00 we got a black screen and the whole system went down (the complete pc was completely powered down) We were streaming for about 10 hours then could a developper look at the logs if this is a obs error? Advise in changes of...
  2. Coolmeesje

    Question / Help Obs Studio won't start after installing last update and a plugin.

    Hi OBS forum Users! Today I wanted to install a new plugin called 'Input Overlay' and after installing it I wanted to try it out. When I started OBS Studio it prompted my to update OBS, so I did. After the update I tried to start OBS again and this appeared: I tried 2 times after that, and...
  3. K

    Question / Help Browser error New update OBS 25.0.4.

    dear makers of OBS Studio after the latest update (update 25.0.4) I can no longer use the browser source and there fore I cannot use overlays, you can fix this. I hope you respond to this message with kind regards, Jesmar
  4. G

    Question / Help Weird KBPS drops to 0 // Cox ISP Throttling?

    (Posting same post on r/Twitch, if you see it in two places that's why) No BS here. Straight to the point. Problem: Over an inconsistent period of time, my KBPS will plummet to 0 (I've already tried the steps in the following links (OBS troubleshooting, OBS forum thread, Reddit). If needed, here...