Question / Help Weird KBPS drops to 0 // Cox ISP Throttling?


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(Posting same post on r/Twitch, if you see it in two places that's why) No BS here. Straight to the point. Problem: Over an inconsistent period of time, my KBPS will plummet to 0 (I've already tried the steps in the following links (OBS troubleshooting, OBS forum thread, Reddit). If needed, here are Twitch Inspector graphs demonstrating my problem (here) Ran a traceroute to twitch live servers, cuts off after it reaches ISP (Cox, see tracert here). This is most likely due to Cox not allowing ICMP traffic because it's low priority (see here). However, this gave me the idea that Cox may be throttling my connection in some weird way. Found this deleted reddit post on the r/Twitch sub and thought that it might be my issue. Called Cox yesterday, spoke to supervisor, tech came out today and blamed it on COVID overloading the servers. Seemed fishy, but the problems are still continuing. Thoughts? If you need any more info, I'll be active here. Thanks


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Its not just twitch, its the protocol RTMP that cox would be throttling.
I hosted a private broadcast server, and was able to get over 48 simultanious viewers before the stream started chopping.
I was having very consistant speeds on lan and ran the stream in 1080p on 6,000 kb/s
No problem.

But when I purchased a VPS to broadcast for the necessary bandwidth,
I connect to the vps, and my speeds are terrible using OBS. I have 50mb/s upload but for some reason i cannot keep a constant 6mb/s stream going out of the 50mb/s upload I have on my plan.

Cox would be doing something malicious like this and try to refer you to their business plan.
Which is about 11X the price compared to the home plan. (Should be highly illegal)
However you might be able to get around the fud, by using a pptp vpn or open vpn service to a remote location then connect to twich using the RTMP stream, that way cox isp only sees vpn connection, their servers cannot detect the RTMP stream, from their its up to the vpn server to translate that connection to rtmp from itself to twitch.
See if you can find a high speed and reputable vpn provider or host your own on a cloud vm. Then check to see what kind of results you get.
I may try this too and see what the results are, then update to keep the forum posted what I find out.