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    Recurring unknown issue pops up in logs

    After countless encoding issues, I have removed all of them but this one error: "Unable to set converter transfer characteristic, error AMF_NOT_FOUND (code 11)". I have no clue what this is or if it even is a impactful error but it keeps coming up in my logs. My clips from replay buffer look...
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    Question / Help suddenly complete windows crash

    So we have a windows 10 64bit server with OBS on it Suddenly around 22:00 we got a black screen and the whole system went down (the complete pc was completely powered down) We were streaming for about 10 hours then could a developper look at the logs if this is a obs error? Advise in changes of...
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    Question / Help OBS Crash Error Message Because of DLL file HELP

    I have been battling obs to record some good gameplay for the last month I feel. It is constant issues with graphics drivers and when I fix that, then I can not record good quality content. Im getting an error that I have had previously that says "Whoops, OBS has crashed!" It seems to have an...
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    Question / Help Settings issue with Audio involving Microphone and Desktop Audio

    At least I think that's how I'd describe the problem? Basically I'm trying to record for a lets play on YT and I'm stuck in a catch 22 where 1. I'm barely audible in comparison to the game/desktop audio. 2. I'm perfectly and clearly audible but the game is extremely quiet or straight up muted...