Question / Help Settings issue with Audio involving Microphone and Desktop Audio


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At least I think that's how I'd describe the problem?
Basically I'm trying to record for a lets play on YT and I'm stuck in a catch 22 where
1. I'm barely audible in comparison to the game/desktop audio.
2. I'm perfectly and clearly audible but the game is extremely quiet or straight up muted.
3. I'm perfectly and clearly audible and so is the game, buuuuut I echo extremely noticably.
Now normally I actually DO echo in OBS, but the recording never picks it up. (I hear my own echo mid recording, but the actual product. The video, has no trace of the echo.) So I grunted and bear with it, but now it seems like I can't be both clear and audible whilst the game is and not echo.
I'm 99% sure this is a SETTINGS issue rather then a technical one (either software or hardware) and I'm asking for help because I hate. Hate. Testing every. Single. Option and was praying someone with more expertise with OBS can give me a quick and easy fix.
Help appreciated!

Log that had minimal echo but hard to hear

Log that has heavy audio and I was barely audible.

Log with no echo but game was nigh-muted