support requested

  1. R


    Hello! I'm a content creator on a trip so i had to make my laptop with me! I tried to test my OBS recorder and i got this error! I did try updating the driver. I downloaded the new version and it shows me the same error! Please don't say my gpu is useless now!
  2. C

    Black Screen or stuff on a single frame all the time and not sure how to fix

    I'm not sure if theres an easy fix for this but i havent really used obs much in the past and on my laptop it worked well but now that ive swithced toa new pc its been causing problems all the time until at one point it just stopped working, at least for game captures Can anyone help me out...
  3. B

    Video has lower opacity with Green Screen

    Hey, everyone! Ive been using Google fu (albeit i could be searching the wrong terms) to not much luck in figuring out why my video is somewhat see-through when im using my Green screen to stream. Ive played around with the settings, but cannot seem to figure out what the problem is. It seem to...
  4. J

    Stream lags when stream FPS does not match in-game FPS

    What the title says, I have the stream set to 60 FPS and my game sits around 80 to 100. I have a 100 hz monitor and would prefer to play games at that, but the stream lags if I do. I get no indicated dropped frames or connectivity issues, and it stops lagging when I have my frames locked to 60...
  5. T

    Audio skipping/cutting out randomly

    Recently, my audio stopped working properly on OBS, it will randomly cut out or skip when I'm talking, so you can still hear what I'm saying but people watching my stream thought it was a connection problem. I didnt change any settings or change anything from my setup, the only real change that...
  6. F

    Stream Constantly Disconnecting and reconnecting

    Ive recently moved to kick and whenever I start a stream it starts for a few seconds before I get the disconnected notification. I haven't been able to resolve the issue. Heres the log file.
  7. S

    *ATTACHED OBS LOGS* Failed to initialize video. GPU not supported, graphics drivers need to be updated.

    I have a NVDIA GeForce GTX 1650, running Direct X at 12. Whenever I have tried to open OBS it keeps showing me this error. I have updated my drivers, to no success, they are the most up to date they can be. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling OBS, again no success. I have no idea what to...
  8. X

    Stream Buffer size significantly higher than other streamers, why?

    I was just looking at the "Video Stats" section on some other streamers who stream the same game and I notice my Buffer size is a lot higher. Streamers I checked were having 3-5 second buffer sizes while my stream was having a consistent 35-45 second buffer size. I looked online and made sure...
  9. R

    OBS Crashing on Startup and I need help

    This just started happening today it worked a few days ago, and as soon as obs launches it crashes, im not sure why so please help me.
  10. J

    OBS browser resources not showing.

    For some reason after I launched OBS today, none of the browser resources showed on the preview screen or the stream (not even the default one with the blue screen and the OBS logo), when a couple days ago everything worked just fine. I've tried everything, enabling and disabling the browser...
  11. B

    Only 13% of .mkv recording saved

    Here is the link to my log file: I was recording about 2 hours of content (from 9pm to about 11pm) in .mkv format. I paused and unpaused twice during this and everything looked like it was recording fine, red dot and all. Once I finally hit stop...
  12. R

    OBS makes my GAMES have high CPU

    As the the thread name suggests, I'm not having a problem with OBS's CPU usage. Rather, when OBS is open and any game is being displayed, the game itself shoots up an extra 20-60% depending on what's occurring in game. I factory reset my pc a week and a half ago to fix this and for a brief time...
  13. tyndalos

    Framerate Resembles Slideshow While Recording

    Hi there, I just recently downloaded OBS to experiment with a reputable recording software, and have recorded a few multi-hour long sessions of a handful of games (Destiny 2, Witcher 3, Mafia 3) yet upon reviewing the recordings, any of which that captured Destiny gameplay had major framing...
  14. 78luv

    I don't understand obs :]

    So i've been using this program for like around 4-5 years, and i understand most of it, but what i don't understand is why I get this grainy look on my recordings, I've followed multiple guides, tried so many different plugins and settings, and at the end of the day still grainy. My specs are no...
  15. B

    OBS overlay box apears when using GEFORCE instant replay or rec

    hi, for a long time now ive been getting this strange box in the right down corner of my screen everytime i activate GEFORCE replay or rec. ive never found a way to make it go away. its quite annoying cuz the box is quite big, anyone knows something about this shit ? Thx, Burrito this is what...
  16. F

    OBS wont record after the update

    After the OBS update, every time i try to stream or record using it, i get an error message telling me that it failed to open then NVENC codec. This is everything I have tried and yet i cannot get OBS to run. ive looked through a few forum posts here and still nothing has helped. Update...
  17. T

    Language mix up OBS Studio

    Hi! I have a language mix-up with connecting Twitch chat pop-ups and stream information in OBS Studio. From the picture of the docks dropdown menu, the last four items have the language switch. The application and my Twitch site are set to English as the default or preferred language. For some...
  18. Z

    Obs crashing pc

    I can load obs on my main monitor fine and do everything perfectly but as soon as I drag obs to my second monitor My entire pc crashes and gives me a blue screen
  19. A

    Encoder Overloading problem & Crash

    I have installed Obs 27.2.4 (64bit) with "Multiple output" dock & "Own3dpro" tools installed. My obs is crashing in between streams. Crash report is attached.
  20. K

    "Dock > Chat" window constantly reconnects in OBS while using a VPN

    Does anyone know why this keeps happening? It's only an issue while I'm connected to my VPN (which I need to keep me safe while streaming). I always connect to servers in my own country, but it doesn't matter. This window constantly reconnects every 30s or so and I'm not sure how to fix it...