support requested

  1. B

    OBS overlay box apears when using GEFORCE instant replay or rec

    hi, for a long time now ive been getting this strange box in the right down corner of my screen everytime i activate GEFORCE replay or rec. ive never found a way to make it go away. its quite annoying cuz the box is quite big, anyone knows something about this shit ? Thx, Burrito this is what...
  2. F

    OBS wont record after the update

    After the OBS update, every time i try to stream or record using it, i get an error message telling me that it failed to open then NVENC codec. This is everything I have tried and yet i cannot get OBS to run. ive looked through a few forum posts here and still nothing has helped. Update...
  3. T

    Language mix up OBS Studio

    Hi! I have a language mix-up with connecting Twitch chat pop-ups and stream information in OBS Studio. From the picture of the docks dropdown menu, the last four items have the language switch. The application and my Twitch site are set to English as the default or preferred language. For some...
  4. Z

    Obs crashing pc

    I can load obs on my main monitor fine and do everything perfectly but as soon as I drag obs to my second monitor My entire pc crashes and gives me a blue screen
  5. A

    Encoder Overloading problem & Crash

    I have installed Obs 27.2.4 (64bit) with "Multiple output" dock & "Own3dpro" tools installed. My obs is crashing in between streams. Crash report is attached.
  6. K

    "Dock > Chat" window constantly reconnects in OBS while using a VPN

    Does anyone know why this keeps happening? It's only an issue while I'm connected to my VPN (which I need to keep me safe while streaming). I always connect to servers in my own country, but it doesn't matter. This window constantly reconnects every 30s or so and I'm not sure how to fix it...
  7. NamVT

    My OBS is freezing my programs

    Hello! I am new to these things and I've been encountering this problem not long ago, it's been happening from a week ago This is the logs for this day: I don't know that much of the program so I would like some help to fix this. Thank you!
  8. FirephoenixX02

    Low Resource Use but Insane In-Game Performance Drop

    Log File: Specs: CPU: Intel® Xeon(R) CPU X5560 @ 2.80GHz × 16 GPU: NVIDIA Corporation GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti] OS: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS RAM: 16GB Driver Version: 510 Installation: OBS 27.2.4 (linux) - Installed via the official Repo - Snap and...
  9. W

    FFmpeg makes it so the last 2 seconds of a clip freezes but the audio still plays.

    I've been trying to fix this for about 2 hours now but I can't find anything. I did some testing and found that FFmpeg was the problem because the clip is fine on Standard Output. The reason I want to use FFmpeg is I want to freely change the bitrate of my audio and video. Container format is...
  10. J

    Mic issue with game audio running. here's my logs just to get that out of the way So, my issue is when I have any desktop audio running then my mic wont pick anything up. if I try to get really close to the mic while recording then it becomes choppy and distorted. The only way I can...
  11. DeltaJams

    New update with Streamelements plugin does not allow me to edit Twitch stream title/catagory/tags

    If I sign out of my twitch Account and link it again, I can get the stream information dock, but if I close OBS and then open it again, the dock is gone, and cannot be accessed through menus until twitch account is unlinked and then linked again. Log file is...
  12. Vernon Polius

    My stream keeps crashing everytime I alt+tab

    I am a warzone streamer and I am currently experiencing an issue where every time I alt tab, my stream crashes. OBS stays open but the connection to twitch seems to drop and takes forever to reconnect, and sometimes it does not reconnect at all. I have attached 2 of the logs from when this...
  13. C

    FPS locked at a very low rate, and seems to be getting lower every week.

    To preface, I’m not streaming any games, it’s just a camera and a computer capture for a church service. I had capped the frames at 30 when I originally set up OBS for the church, but the frames have slowly gotten lower and lower every passing week, and now we’ve hit an all time low of...
  14. O

    Crash on startup, help!

    Recently OBS started crashing, I assumed it was because i reinstalled windows a couple of weeks ago, but I made sure to update all of my drivers and OBS, if you have any clue how to help me I'm ready to listen. Logs attached
  15. T


    Everytime I stream I have nothing but problems anywhere from 30 min to 1.5 hours into the stream OBS just stops picking up my mic audio and then it just crashes my whole computer and im getting absolutely pissed. What is going on because it doesn't give me an error message, it just crashes and...
  16. L

    Stream randomly disconnecting for varying periods of time

    I'm posting this for my boyfriend. A few months ago, his stream started disconnecting out of nowhere, every 5-10 minutes, his connection goes to 0kpbs for a few seconds and then comes back. Some times, he can stream for hours without any issues, he had an almost 8 hour stream recently with no...
  17. TimothyTV

    Other apps (including OBS) lagging when playing games.

    Hi everyone, I tried to fix this problem for days and went for several possible solutions but nothing really helped. Here's my exact problem: I built a new PC a few weeks ago (specs at the end of the post). Everything works just fine but while playing some games the performance of all other...
  18. A

    Chroma Key Option Not Appearing

    Hello! I'm new to OBS studio and I am having trouble finding the chroma key feature. I have an example VTuber model (not mine, still finishing mine) sat as a virtual camera and I'm able to get it with OBS as a video source. What I've seen is I should rightclick "Video Capture" device under the...
  19. V

    Backup OBS settings, scenes and profiles

    hi guys and girls, ill have to format my pc but i dont want to do all my settings , scenes and profiles again... theres a way to backup all before i format my pc? Thanks!
  20. D

    Viewers reporting lagging and buffering

    Hi all. My viewers are reporting a bunch of lagging and buffering with my streams that I myself can't seem to see in my settings. Im trying to stream my Switch via an Elgato HD60S+ at 720p60fps. My internet upload speed is ~20 MBPS. Any suggestions?