support requested

  1. V

    Backup OBS settings, scenes and profiles

    hi guys and girls, ill have to format my pc but i dont want to do all my settings , scenes and profiles again... theres a way to backup all before i format my pc? Thanks!
  2. D

    Viewers reporting lagging and buffering

    Hi all. My viewers are reporting a bunch of lagging and buffering with my streams that I myself can't seem to see in my settings. Im trying to stream my Switch via an Elgato HD60S+ at 720p60fps. My internet upload speed is ~20 MBPS. Any suggestions?
  3. C

    Streamlabs and Streamelements alerts stop displaying and playing audio all of a sudden

    Everything was great, although did have the occasional issue with the alerts deciding not to play audio; but those were easy fixes. Now everything has changed and nothing works. I think the biggest change I've made to OBS was when I changed from Software encoding to Hardware encoding because my...
  4. emptyy

    OBS dont wants to hook process

    when i'm recording with display capture or something obs dont want to hook cs:go process i'm with untrusted mode and allow third party softwares but its not working anyway. can someone help me plz? Log file:
  5. S

    Recording directly from OBS to Google Drive or OneDrive

    Hi, I'm a student and since COVID-19 forced me, we are going to have online lessons. I don't really have a lot of Hard Drive space, so I'd like to record my lessons directly to either Google Drive or OneDrive. I can't use Google Drive File Stream (GDFS) since I don't have a G Suite account and...

    AMD Encoder Bitrate Issue (Awaiting Fix Please)

    Recently the AMD Encoder stopped working correctly. I can no longer change my bitrate as it will be stuck to 1 or 0 no matter what I do even as far to reinstall OBS. I'm hoping someone knows a fix or if an update being worked on please. Some of my main PC specs. CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X GPU...
  7. StarsetCVR

    Display capture shows nothing

    So I recently got a new computer and I'm interested in starting to stream. I've used OBS in the past on my old computer and it worked fine, but now, when I add Display Capture as a source, I still have a black screen. I've updated my drivers, made sure it's using the Nvidia GPU and not Intel's...
  8. T

    Choppy Recordings no matter what I do

    I cannot figure out why my recordings are coming up so extremely choppy. I have game DVR disabled and other windows gaming related features. I have tried lowering to quality. Should I use a different recording program? [Video]
  9. L

    Stream fine one day, choppy every other.

    HI! I'm relatively new to streaming. When I first attempted to stream, everything looked choppy (only in preview and to those watching, gameplay was unaffected). I stopped for the time being and asked my friend who regularly streams for advice. He helped with some settings and everything was...
  10. D

    Streaming Games Problems

    So i have been using Obs since January, but yesterday, i have had a problem i have never had before. Each time i start a stream, my bit rate is around 3500 kb/s, however, when i then start a game, the bitrate drops down to 0 and then jumps between 0 and 300. This has never happened to me...
  11. S

    Very low CPU usage

    I've been trying to record some games using obs, however the video is coming out very choppy and low framerate. I think this is due to a low cpu allocation to OBS. I'm running a i5-10600k and obs is using ~6% atm. I've tryed running OBS as administrator and i've turned off windows game mode...
  12. Crimonit

    OBS crashing internet

    Hello, i know it is a common problem. I've read forum threads about it, someone was saying to change bitrate. It didn't work. What do i do? Also, if you need any information - just ask, i don't know what EXACTLY do you need
  13. K

    OBS is freezing my display capture, but is showing my mouse moving around.

    Obs hasn't been working for me for weeks now, meaning I can't stream or record video. Period. This is an issue because making media for my company and my own brand is essential. It started out with just display capture freezing but you can still see my mouse moving on the screen, just it...
  14. badneck

    Mysterious NDI+OBS Problem

    Hey so I've been stuck using NDI for about a month while I allocate some funds for a capture card. Log files will not help you guys here as my problem is this: I run scan converter on my gaming pc and send it through my router to my stream pc which uses plain ole OBS, but somewhere along the way...
  15. M

    I keep getting a window pop up that says, 'OBS has crashed!' but if i minimise that window, OBS still functions.

    Everytime I open OBS, it does that and I don't know what to do, Log:
  16. 30phil1

    Question / Help Desktop audio randomly cuts out but microphone audio is fine

    Hello everyone, I'm on OBS Studio with the plugin. Since the beginning, I've been having a weird issue where the desktop audio completely cuts out for a second or two then returns like nothing ever happened. My mic is heard through the stream just fine but, even when OBS is open but...
  17. ChasefinnnTTV

    Question / Help Video capture has a green rectangle

    Hey so I put my video capture on in obs and it has a green sort of square on the top of it. I don't know how to fix it I went to the camera to see if it was the camera that was bugging out but it's just in OBS What it looks like:
  18. S

    Question / Help Fixing black bars for recording

    Hey, I've been trying to record on OBS but it has been always showing up with these black borders around the recording and it overall is just in horrible quality. My monitor and OBS are set up to the same resolution etc. if someone would care to yhelp it'd be muhc appreciated. Here's my log...
  19. C

    Question / Help Trouble Syncing Game Audio

    I will preface by saying that this could be an issue with either the Elgato HD60S or OBS Link and not OBS itself. However, I figure that there are enough people in these forums that you may be able to provide a solution to my problem. My current streaming setup (for twitch) is an Xbox One with...