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Hey everyone, I am currently struggling to get anywhere with this OBS issue. I have tried googling and spending hours on the forums with no avail. I would be forever grateful for some guidance.

My issue seems to be that the general usage for OBS seems to be very high. I am sitting at about 40% GPU usage while idle and when I play even the least resource hungry game my frames start to tank and my time to render almost doubles, and the stats on OBS start turning red and yellow. When I run a more intensive game like COD is completely craps the bed. I have tried game mode on and off and all sorts of setting so far, none seem to lower the standing usage. Also, I haven't tried to go live yet as I can't even get it to run normal while just merely open. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be doing something differently?

Logs and screen shots dropped below. Thanks for any help all.



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Your log file does not contain a session of you streaming or recording, please post another log file after about 30-60 seconds of streaming or recording whichever you are doing..