high gpu usage

  1. C

    High GPU usage when replay buffer is on.

    Hi there, I used to use OBS to record my videos all the time while playing Valorant and CS, and it always worked fine with 5-10% GPU usage during replay buffer. Recently I moved and went about 8 months without re-building my PC. I just finally put together my PC again, literally same exact...
  2. Tortoruga

    High GPU usage since 27.2.4 to the point I can't update anymore

    Hi, I'm having issues with high GPU usage since 27.2.4 and I've not managed to solve this issue for over a year. As I hit the "Start Streaming/Recording", GPU just jumps to 70% usage non-stop. 27.2.4 and below, it keeps at a reasonable 30%/peaks of 40% GPU usage under the same overlay and...
  3. C

    OBS Studio Lags and high usage all of a sudden.

    So when I got my computer obs ran fine with the game I was playing, but after a while it started to lag for no reason. And today it just gave only 1 fps when playing the game I wanna record. What I see was when I was recording my GPU Usage started increasing, when at 100 percent it started...
  4. P

    Odd GPU usage and leaks while on a 4090

    Ever since I built this rig, I have been having issues with my OBS. I don't know if I got some bunk part somewhere or if its software related or what, but I have been ripping my hair out over this for the better part of a month. There have been a few people online who have had similar issues...
  5. VicariousNick

    OBS Studio Using 60% of 4090 GPU while IDLE

    Alright...I've spent over 8 hours today troubleshooting this and I cannot for the life of me fix it. Any suggestions would be welcome. But I will warn you that I have tried just about EVERYTHING to lower the GPU usage with no luck. For some reason just sitting IDLE (not even running a game. No...
  6. Z

    OBS GPU Usage 30-40%

    Hi all, I know there's a few threads about similar issues but I've tried many things and not having any luck. Also wanted to upload my own log for people to check, which is here: https://obsproject.com/logs/0OcRDCNBK3HwrRmV So basically when I launch OBS, my GPU usage goes straight up to...
  7. D

    High GPU usage. Constantly sitting over 40% just at idle.

    Hey everyone, I am currently struggling to get anywhere with this OBS issue. I have tried googling and spending hours on the forums with no avail. I would be forever grateful for some guidance. My issue seems to be that the general usage for OBS seems to be very high. I am sitting at about 40%...
  8. E

    High GPU usage when streaming causing "Crashes" and Render Lag.

    Whats good everyone! I've been running into alot of trouble recently streaming with obs on my PC. I have a pretty good rig but I've been getting alot of high gpu usage problems with the games I play and obs spiking in higher than normal for usage. I have a recent crash report from testing my...
  9. D

    Strange behaviour with multi-monutor setup

    I have a zenbook pro duo (ux582) laptop with nvidia 3070 gpu. I use it with both screen on, together with 2 external monitor. When I run obs, locating the OBS window in the main laptop monitor, task manager tells me that gpu 0 (the intel integrated one) reaches 70% usage . This value is crazy...
  10. B

    HELP! Dual PC Stream Setup. RTX 3070 Cannot Stream & Record

    I recently got a new Streaming PC for my dual setup. This one has: i7 12700K MSI RTX 3070 32GB of Ram Windows 10 64 at idle with OBS open and NOT recording or streaming it would be at 47 Percent usage. When I would start streaming it would shoot up to 75 percent and stay there. Trying to...
  11. Z

    OBS has higher Gpu Utilization than the game I'm running

    I'm going to be quick and get to the point. I downloaded After effects yesterday and since then Obs has high gpu utilization even when I'm not recording anything. I've reinstalled Obs, uninstalled after effects and still when I'm recording obs uses 70% of my gpu while my game is using about 40%...
  12. L

    100% gpu when starting recording

    So basically when i hit start recording it automatically spikes up to 100% gpu
  13. D

    3090 Higher Usage than my 980Ti

    Hi, I just got a 3090 and put it in my machine, I have updated all drivers for windows, GPU & OBS. My issues is that when I was using my 980Ti for livestreaming at 1664x936 downscaled from a base canvas of 2560x1440 it would only use 20% of my GPU (this is when streaming and not streaming, it...
  14. C

    HIGH GPU USAGE (40-100%)

    I have started streaming with obs and now my computer randomly jumps to 100% and my frames drop to 20fps in game. my GPU usage idles at 40% and jumps to 100%. What could be causing this? I have hardware acceleration disabled and have tried messing with graphics settings and turning off the...
  15. BlackHorizon

    Question / Help High GPU usage low fps while not recording/streaming.

    Hello, I just recently started having an issue with making local recordings. When I open particular games, I see a spike in GPU usage in Task Manager. When gpu spikes, I lose fps in OBS without recording or streaming. Examples - 1. Apex Legend - high gpu usage at menu, probably because it is...
  16. Michael Boawright

    Question / Help Two PC Streaming Setup Issues. 165hz Monitor with 60hz Capture Card

    Gaming PC Specs Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 MotherBoard - TUF X470-Plus Gaming CPU - Ryzen 7 2700x GPU - GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming Z Ram - 16gb 3200mhz Storage - 500gb ssd Monitor - Dell S2417DG - 165hz 1ms response time Streaming PC Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.17763 Build...
  17. M

    Question / Help Have to turn on v-sync to stream

    I know streaming is more of a cpu bound process, but to stream games that use 100% of my gpu I have to turn on v-sync so the gpu only needs to push to 60fps and have 10, 20, 30% left. I think constant 10% would be enough though. Because some gpu is needed. I just wanted to know if that happens...
  18. N

    Question / Help High GPU Usage! [Strong PC]

    I have been streaming heavy games from my rig [GTX 1080ti, i7 8700k, 16gb RAM, OS on my SSD along with OBS, etc.], games like: PUBG, Fortnite, Payday 2, R6 Siege etc. Somewhere around a week ago my GPU performance has dropped significantly if I stream a PC game, or even if im not streaming and...
  19. A

    Question / Help 90% GPU usage

    just wondering why i have 90% of my gpu being used when i start recording/ streaming i am hardware encoding with my amd rx480. However i also flipped back to software x264 and i still get 90% gpu usage??? some help would be nice. Last Log: https://hastebin.com/ayiyabeyogn