Question / Help High GPU usage low fps while not recording/streaming.


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I just recently started having an issue with making local recordings. When I open particular games, I see a spike in GPU usage in Task Manager. When gpu spikes, I lose fps in OBS without recording or streaming.

Examples -
1. Apex Legend - high gpu usage at menu, probably because it is demanding and new.

2. Divinity Original Sin 2 - high gpu usage at menu, Should be fairly optimized for its age, and a GTX 770 is recommended to run it. ( i'm using a GTX 1080)

3. Terraria - about 50% gpu usage, no stutters, or fps changes in OBS, and generates a high quality local video.

4. Overwatch - Very similiar to Terraria, seamless quality output video without maxed gpu usage.

I have done recordings in the past with same set up for the past 3 - 4 years, and have not run into fps loss on OBS without even recording or streaming.
I also have done recordings with OBS while powering 3 monitors at the same time off the same 1080 GPU, so I feel the issue is not a "lack of power".

Any recommendations on what to check would be appreciated.

CPU- 5820k no OC
GPU-Asus GTX 1080 Turbo
RAM- 48gb Corsair Vengeance 8gb sticks
SSD-M.2 970 EVO
HDD- 2 7200rpm 1TB drives
MoBo- Gigabyte X99 SLI
Monitor 1 - ASUS ROG PG279Q
Monitor 2 - ASUS VC279H

Current Log file attached below.

Thanks again


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Disable GameMode in Windows and cap your ingame fps to leave enough GPU power left for OBS scene rendering.

So I disabled GameMode, and adjusted fps in games accordingly. To my surprise, GPU usage did not change drastically, but OBS recorded at 60 fps across 3 of the mentioned games. I only dropped fps once in a 6 minute video for no longer than a few seconds.

I'm going to do more testing and report back as necessary.

Essentially, I'd call that a fix. Much appreciated, thank you very much :D