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  1. W

    Any idea how to make my Apex Stream not turn into Roblox!?

    Been trying all sorts of settings to stream apex on kick and I'm just not having any luck anytime I get into gun fights my stream becomes pixelated and unbearable to watch. PC is AMD Ryzen 7 8 core, RTX2070, 16gb RAM. Attached are a few logs from some streams if someone could please guide me in...
  2. snaetos

    FPS and refresh rate drop drastically when recording/streaming Apex Legends

    So Ive had a recent issue with my OBS within the past 3 days that I've never had before in the past 6 months of me playing and capturing the game with OBS. I've had my FPS capped at 190 for a long time and it is very stable almost never dipping if it ever has. During random intervals my...
  3. B

    Apex legends fps drop

    Anyone having this issue with streaming apex legends? I've read so many articles but I haven't found anything to fix my problem. People are having "streaming fps drops when I play apex legends etc". I had that problem but I just had to run obs as administrator and it worked just fine. I...
  4. G

    OBS massive frame loss

    Hello! I've been streaming and after booting up Apex legends my OBS suddenly can't keep up anymore. It stutters VERY HEAVILY. My game looks totally fine, but OBS stutters down to like 10-20FPS. Apex uses 80-90% GPU which I believe is normal. OBS started using 50-60% GPU until I turned power...
  5. R

    Audio bugging out when I play Apex, GOW and Warzone 2.0

    Been having this issue recently where whenever I stream and play GOD, Apex and Warzone 2.0, out of all the games I have these three only cause audio issues. Whenever I play these games and stream/record the audio glitches, lags, and delays at times. Not sure how to fix it, send help.
  6. M

    Stream/Preview lagging when in game

    Okay so how do I explain this best.. whenever I tab into Apex while OBS is running or my stream is on the preview and stream become insanely laggy, almost like a slideshow at times. I just got a new CPU (i7-9700k) as my old (i5-8600k) died. I am using the same OBS settings as with my old CPU...
  7. T

    Terrible camera quality when moving. Unrecognizable pixelated face.

    Hey! I have a very annoying problem... The quality of my camera is... well, bad. Especially when I'm moving in game(APEX).I know this question has been asked before, but none of the advice helped, so... I stream on YouTube, and I found this video where he suggests that if you set your stream...
  8. S


    I have been using OBS NDI for like 4 months and we have never had any issues until now. I do a duo stream, which means another PC is the one streaming it. Since Monday this week, It started making my game freak out like 400 pings. I uninstall and it was fine for one game then it went back to...
  9. S

    Camera delay when streaming Apex Legends (only Apex Legends)

    Streaming any game and my Camera + Audio is fine, but for some reason when streaming Apex Legends my Camera gets delayed almost instantly (20-30seconds and it slowly starts getting worse and worse) I use Logitech Capture and my Camera is Logitech C922, but im really lost rn, cause it only...
  10. A

    Game Capture not working with Apex Legends

    Hello, I'm using Stream Elements (OBS 26.1.2-38-g19ef1ba4a) and am having issues getting Apex Legends to show at all using game capture. There is no black screen or anything, i've tried googling the issue to no avail. I've updated Stream Elements to both the beta and stable build, as well as...
  11. M

    Question / Help trying to play at 1440p90fps and stream at 900p60fps

    Hey guys im sorta new here so please let me know if i need to give more info or have posted in the wrong place about the wrong thing! Specs: 2080 super i7 8700k OC'd to ~4.2ghz i forget I am currently trying to play Apex Legends at 1440p90fps (i would like 120fps if possible) and stream at...
  12. S

    Question / Help Low "preview" and recording framerate from Apex Legends

    Before anyone asks, yes I did attach the log :) Some quick info: I play and record on a gaming laptop that has an integrated and dedicated GPU. I record with Nvenc and use CQP 20 I can confirm that Apex is running on the dedicated GPU (1660 ti). I can also confirm that OBS is running on the...
  13. T

    Question / Help FPS Drop when OBS open

    I get massive FPS drops when OBS is just open (not even streaming or recording). My Specs : 1070ti FE R7 1700 @3.3GHz 8Gig x 2 TridentZ RGB @ 3200MHz While playing Apex Legends w/o OBS, I get around 190-200 FPS (sometimes a little less) and with OBS just on it drops to around 130 FPS and...
  14. H

    Question / Help Game starts Stuttering! Can't Stream Apex Legends, Tried EVERYTHING!

    Hey please help i literally tried everything that i could after reading Obs Forums about apex and Still i cant even stream at 720p60. or 720p30 EVEN. Limited the ingame fps too but whenever i start streaming My Game Starts stuttering even with normal framerate (60) tried both RTSS and Ingame...
  15. T

    Question / Help rtx 2080ti choppy stream on nvenc. first post ever. noob questions

    hello all, sure you guys have heard this before. so i am a noob but i have at least have done some research between obs and reddit forums before posting this. I keep having dropped frames and stuttering in my stream when playing Apex Legends. The game runs flawlessly but the stream will go...
  16. J

    Question / Help 1080p 60FPS Stream Lag (RTX 2060 Ryzen 5 2600)

    I'm sure this is a frequent issue among OBS users but Im honestly clueless. I recently built a new PC with a Ryzen 5 2600 and RTX 2060. I've been trying to stream Apex Legends at 60FPS 1080p which I know this PC can handle. I have no lag in game, however my streams are unwatchable. Streams drop...
  17. R

    Question / Help Steam Lag Fix?

    I've been experiencing some major lagging issues when I stream. It's getting really frustrating considering that I've been working on this for 3 days and still no luck. Here's my log file. Hope someone can help me out with this.
  18. P

    Question / Help Apex Legends Black Screen Issue

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to stream/record Apex Legends for a while now, but for some reason, Apex Legends video will not show up in the Preview, Stream, or Recording at all. I can hear all the sound from the game, but no video. I've watched numerous videos saying to try Display Capture...
  19. S


    Hi guys, i want to stream APEX but every time i do so even if i have 60 fps in game , no image lost, 60 fps stable in obs that i deactivate origin in game, i started the obs optimization, i put the game in low quality , i tried using x264 or nvenc even new nvenc, add the fps+60 or fps+0...
  20. C

    Question / Help GPU Resources: New NVENC vs x264

    Hello, My PC uses an 8700k cpu and 1070 gpu. I have always run OBS Studio on x264 at the 'fast' preset with OBS set to "above normal" priority. I stream 720p60 at 4500 bitrate. OBS doesn't report 'dropped frames' in the bottom right corner (the one with the % of dropped frames) but it struggles...