Question / Help rtx 2080ti choppy stream on nvenc. first post ever. noob questions


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hello all,
sure you guys have heard this before. so i am a noob but i have at least have done some research between obs and reddit forums before posting this. I keep having dropped frames and stuttering in my stream when playing Apex Legends. The game runs flawlessly but the stream will go between god awful and great. Weirdly I changed to streamlabs obs, used the new nvenc and it ran absolutely perfect for a day. everyone mentioned that it looked up to quality that the pros had and I was so happy i finally fixed it. logged on the next day and the same exact frame drop was back. no changes were mad in between intervals. I switched back to obs to give it a try and it is having the same problem. I have 500mbps download and 485mbps upload just prior to this post. OBS will give encoding overload message. SLOBs did the same thing.

Main specs: Single PC setup
Intel I7 8700:
16gb ram
EVGA RTX 2080 TI (benchmark tests look fine)

Main Settings in OBS:
new nvenc
output : 810p
bitrate: tried 4500, 5500, 6000
keyframe: 2
preset: quality
profile: high
b frames: 2
process priority: normal
visual and look ahead not check as I heard CUDA takes extra GPU

I have game mode and all the garbage turned off. I tried V sync on with v sync enabled in game settings. All my settings are at the lowest possible (in game resolution is kept at 1920x1080). My frames are capped at 140 and then I even capped at 120 but no difference.
Liked i said weird part was that it worked right after i installed streamlabs obs but then the next day it was back to dropping frames.
If anyone can give me advice that would be greatly appreciated.


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