Question / Help FPS Drop when OBS open


New Member
I get massive FPS drops when OBS is just open (not even streaming or recording).

My Specs :
1070ti FE
R7 1700 @3.3GHz
8Gig x 2 TridentZ RGB @ 3200MHz

While playing Apex Legends w/o OBS, I get around 190-200 FPS (sometimes a little less) and with OBS just on it drops to around 130 FPS and sometimes goes down to 80 FPS.

I have 2 monitors; Main at 144Hz and 2nd at 60Hz. I have already tried using just the 144Hz monitor and the problem still persists.

It's really hard for me to stream this way as the game feels too choppy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)