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    Problemi con cali di frame rate solamente sul programma ma non in gioco.

    Salve a tutti, il problema è che da qualche giorno non riesco più ad andare in live a causa di questi stranissimi cali di fps che si verificano solo nel programma. Non devo neppure registrare per vederli, anche solo nell'anteprima video gli fps calano, mentre in gioco sono molto elevati. Qualche...
  2. V

    OBS causing my vr to lag massively

    Whenever I start streaming in VR, OBS causes my fps to drop heavely when im on VR and only when I get on vr https://obsproject.com/logs/Muovcrpc62GX9psn these are the logs from the last test stream I did.
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    Way less FPS with NVENC encoder

    Hey everyone. So i've been using OBS Studio for a while now to stream and it works pretty well overall... But theres one problem. Using the NVENC H.264 encoder i've around 40 to 50 fps less in the games i stream... I've attached screenshots of my OBS settings! Im running OBS as an admin. I was...
  4. F

    Capture card 30fps

    My capture card won't reach 60fps when using it in obs, I have no idea why. When I bought it, it clearly said 1080p 60fps, but it only runs at 30fps https://obsproject.com/tools/analyzer?log_url=https%3A%2F%2Fobsproject.com%2Flogs%2FPbn6qLkBQqk0oNzb
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    Will buying more RAM solve this problem?

    I bought a capture card, but for some reason it doesn't seem to reach 60fps when recording. I posted this problem a while back and someone said that it was because I need 16gb of ram for that to happen and I only have 8gb, so if I buy another 8gb stick, will that solve the problem? Asking just...
  6. S

    OBS only streams to twitch well at 30FPS...but my target is 60.

    So here's what im running. Nvidia 2060, ryzen 5 3600XT, Im streaming my 2560x1440 screen but downscaling to 1920x1080. The only time I dont get massive lag on the twitch side of things is when I have it set to 30fps. Even the auto adjustment wizard says I should be able to stream at 60 no prob...
  7. B

    When i am recording my screen displays low fps while the game is running on 80-120fps.

    It only happens when i am recording when its just open in the background its not a problem cuz it normal then. But when i start recording the screen displays only 30 fps instead of the games real fps. But the fps in the game dont decrease. Please help ty
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    OBS not reaching 60fps when recording with a capture card

    I've tried everything, but still have no idea why it only records at 30fps, the capture card that I bought is supposed to reach 1080p at 60, does anyone know why that is? I'm literally dying, pls help Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/dMr9HIpkvMZdzr2U
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    OBS Capture Card Preview and Stream Stutter

    Hello Everyone. Recently I've noticed that during certain parts of certain games (I'm currently playing Doom Eternal) that my preview is stuttering. OBS says I'm streaming/recording at 60 FPS, but both the stream and the preview doesn't feel like it. As far as I'm aware, it's only happening on...
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    horrendous fps output

    hey! as the title suggests, obs's outputted recording has abysmal fps, despite being very high in the preview. i've completely reset obs, updated it, run as administrator, and tinkered with basically every setting i could find, to no avail. here's my log and i appreciate your help in advance!
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    Video colors smearing/staying (and OK-ish fps)

    The visuals do this weird thing in the video I recorded, it's sorta like some of the color stays for longer than it should? Seems kinda grainy? Idk, it's hard to describe. Also, the video's fps is ok, but it does seem kinda choppy at times. If anyone has recommendations on how I can fix this...
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    Streamlabs Massive FPS drop

    Hey everyone, so, I've been streaming valorant on twitch with streamlabs obs for a while now and it's been painful. My setup is not the best, but I usually get 150 to 200 fps in game, simply opening streamlabs OBS tanks to 100, intense situations even worse, 60. I have a rig with GTX 1050 TI...
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    OBS preview as well as recording change from Smooth to Choppy seemingly at random.

    Hello, I normally don't post or ask for help with most technical stuff as with the internet most things can be figured out through trial and error, or just research. Unfortunately, this issue has me completely stumped. I'll start with specs and then go into the issue, don't exactly know the...
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    Random fps drops

    Hey guys, im having a weird problem of having my fps or frametime not acting normal on obs. Like once in like lets say 20-30 mins it feels like obs just decides to skip some frames or starts combining then not corretly. The output feels stuttery, yet theres no recording or encoding lag it...
  15. B

    YouTube stream maintains 60 fps for about 15-20 minutes, then drops to < 30

    log: https://obsproject.com/logs/VC_JWCpSOMmwrdEi Hello all and thanks all for this resource! I'm running OBS Studio on a WIndows 10 laptop, capturing external video from game consoles and streaming live to YouTube. The stream maintains 60 fps for a while but then drops to around 23 fps after...
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    obs virtual cam with zoom meeting problem

    Hello, first a greeting and apologize if I'm not writing in the right place. Until recently I have used obs without problem to give online piano lessons through zoom meeting. The configuration of my pc is ryzen 5 3600 and Msi rx5500xt with 16gb of ram and a 1080p 75hz monitor. It transmitted...
  17. S

    questions about fps value

    Any difference between 59.94fps and 60fps? Which one is smoother for streaming FPS games?
  18. S

    League of Legend FPS Problem

    Hi, I noticed when I am playing league my fps drops a lot in full screen. I usually have around 200~300 fps when I am not using OBS and when I do it drops to like 70~100 and I found it if I go window mode and back into full screen, my fps goes back up to like 150~180. Anyway to fix this problem?
  19. E

    Dropping FPS after start record

    Good day sorry for my English because I'm Czech The problem is that even if I'm set to record at 60fps So if I turn on Minecraft for example I'll drop the recording and FPS only at 60 thank you for solving
  20. J

    OBS causes game FPS drop

    https://obsproject.com/logs/gpi5GFiUb2MbwPIb Hi, I'm trying to stream the PC version of one of my favorite fighting games. The game runs well at a smooth 60 fps if OBS is not open. Simply opening OBS causes the game to experience dips to 54-55 fps intermittently, usually once or twice a minute...