1. S

    OBS preview as well as recording change from Smooth to Choppy seemingly at random.

    Hello, I normally don't post or ask for help with most technical stuff as with the internet most things can be figured out through trial and error, or just research. Unfortunately, this issue has me completely stumped. I'll start with specs and then go into the issue, don't exactly know the...
  2. J

    Random fps drops

    Hey guys, im having a weird problem of having my fps or frametime not acting normal on obs. Like once in like lets say 20-30 mins it feels like obs just decides to skip some frames or starts combining then not corretly. The output feels stuttery, yet theres no recording or encoding lag it...
  3. B

    YouTube stream maintains 60 fps for about 15-20 minutes, then drops to < 30

    log: https://obsproject.com/logs/VC_JWCpSOMmwrdEi Hello all and thanks all for this resource! I'm running OBS Studio on a WIndows 10 laptop, capturing external video from game consoles and streaming live to YouTube. The stream maintains 60 fps for a while but then drops to around 23 fps after...
  4. J

    obs virtual cam with zoom meeting problem

    Hello, first a greeting and apologize if I'm not writing in the right place. Until recently I have used obs without problem to give online piano lessons through zoom meeting. The configuration of my pc is ryzen 5 3600 and Msi rx5500xt with 16gb of ram and a 1080p 75hz monitor. It transmitted...
  5. S

    questions about fps value

    Any difference between 59.94fps and 60fps? Which one is smoother for streaming FPS games?
  6. S

    League of Legend FPS Problem

    Hi, I noticed when I am playing league my fps drops a lot in full screen. I usually have around 200~300 fps when I am not using OBS and when I do it drops to like 70~100 and I found it if I go window mode and back into full screen, my fps goes back up to like 150~180. Anyway to fix this problem?
  7. E

    Dropping FPS after start record

    Good day sorry for my English because I'm Czech The problem is that even if I'm set to record at 60fps So if I turn on Minecraft for example I'll drop the recording and FPS only at 60 thank you for solving
  8. J

    OBS causes game FPS drop

    https://obsproject.com/logs/gpi5GFiUb2MbwPIb Hi, I'm trying to stream the PC version of one of my favorite fighting games. The game runs well at a smooth 60 fps if OBS is not open. Simply opening OBS causes the game to experience dips to 54-55 fps intermittently, usually once or twice a minute...
  9. M

    Videos saved with 30fps instead of 60fps

    Hello, So today I set up my OBS so I could use the Replay Buffer option. I got some footage, converted it to mp4 and it's in 30 fps instead of 60 as I've changed in the settings. What am I doing wrong? Also here are my specs: i5-4670K 750Ti 8GB The only plays I'm recording are from BF4. Also...
  10. L

    OBS makes my fps in games really inconsistent

    Hello! First of all, I saw in a thread that it is recommended to link the last log file, so here it is : Last Log File Okay, so the problem that I have is that, whenever I play ( in this instance ) VALORANT, I get a consistent 164 fps because that is what I have it capped at. Whenever I open...
  11. BinaryBunny

    Multiple monitors limiting my refresh rate

    So after a lot of testing I've noticed that when I open OBS (without clicking record) it would limit my monitor refresh rate to 60. Making the gameplay feel choppy but the output of the recording buttery smooth (I record at 165fps). And I tried plugging out my secondary monitor which is 60hz...
  12. R

    Stream goes sometimes under 60 fps but fps in game are good.

    Hello guys, first of all i want apologize my english. But my problem is that i set 720p 60fps in OBS but stream goes sometimes under 60fps like every 2minutes and it looks like 30fps. And after few second it goes normal back. I tried everything, what i found in internet but nothing worked. In...
  13. R

    OBS capped FPS of Game

    Hi, I got myself a new 2018 Mac Mini (Mojave 10.14.6) and set up OBS to stream Starcraft 2. Playing the game, I had 200+ FPS, but once I did a test stream with OBS my in-game FPS stays at 60. Now even when I play the game without OBS running it flickers between 59-60 FPS as if there was some...
  14. J

    60 fps extremely choppy

    Hello, I've been wanting to start recording YouTube videos for awhile, and I cannot seem to record a video where my framerate looks smooth. I record in 60 fps and all of my footage just doesn't look as smooth as other 60 fps videos out there and looks extremely choppy. I easily hit 60 fps in...
  15. jogabot

    "fractional fps"

    i was testing the 'fps value range' in OBS settings (in case anyone wuz wondering...) (1 - 60 for 'common fps values') (1 - 120 for 'integer fps values') (1 millionth - 1million for 'fractional fps values') i must've inadvertently selected ieither the million/millionth fps value and now i get...
  16. E

    video fps is 1

    Hello, when i try to record a video using my rx 580 and then go watch it i see the video running like pictures and the only solution is to limit fps to 30 but iam a content creator and can't limit my game to 30 fps so is there any solution?? i will attach a clip to a game called : Wobbly Life...
  17. M

    OBS stream issues with low gpu and cpu load

    Hello all! i am still having issues with my obs. My OBS always drops down to as little as 2fps while recording or streaming . it seems to always having issues with the encoder being overloaded yet my cpu and gpu almost never go over 70% use. My PC specs are: RTX 2060 i9-10900k MEG 490-...
  18. M

    Cant get fps to stay above 30

    my pc specs are: Nvidia 2060 I9-10900k 16g of ram MEG z490 Godlike my problem: No matter what settings i set my OBS to it just wont stay above 30 frames. I try to run it at 60fps but it will drop down to even 5 fps. I did a little reading and somewhere it said maybe my gpu is getting...
  19. V

    Ingame performance laggy while Streaming

    Hi there! Recently i noticed that while im streaming i get big frames loss and bit lag ingame, like Valorant i run 200+fps off streamand while on stream i can only get 100/120 and very inconsisten, another example is Fifa 22, while on stream the game has a lot of lag for some reason I have a RTX...
  20. F

    Local Recording / Low Quality

    Hi I'm looking for the OBS settings that can provide the lowest file size recording posible that can produce a video barely watchable. I'm trying to record some lessons and every minute of recording are a lot of MB and filling my disk drive quite fast. Thanks for the time.