1. ikester

    Change OBS Virtual Camera frame rate (fps)?

    Does anybody know of a way to change the frame rate that the OBS virtual camera generates? I have my general video settings configured for 24 fps but the virtual camera still sends 60 fps. I haven't found any setting that allows me to tweak the Virtual Camera's frame rate directly either.
  2. T

    Szybsze kodowanie (POMOCY)

    Wszystko działa mi w obs świetnie tylko gdy zaczynam szybko latać na creativie w mc to w obs pisze mi coś, że bym ustawił szybsze kodowanie czy coś. I w fragmencie kiedy się to wyświetla to mi tak trochę w nagraniu laguje mimo, że nie zmniejsza się wartość FPS. Czym to jest spowodowane, POMOCY!?
  3. O

    Drop in fps in the game when OBS "detects" Minecraft, just by detecting the game window the fps drops by around 60fps +-. Help!

    I'm only experiencing a big drop in fps in the game Minecraft, in the other games everything is normal. When I open the game it is at about 160 fps +-, when I just open OBS without detecting any window it is still working normally, but when OBS detects the Minecraft window (Both in "capture any...
  4. O

    Queda de fps no jogo ao OBS "detectar" o Minecraft, só de detectar a janela do jogo o fps cai em uns 60fps +-.

    Estou tendo uma grande queda de fps somente no jogo Minecraft, nos outros jogos está normal. Quando abro o jogo ele está em uns 160 fps +-, quando só abro o OBS sem detectar nenhuma janela ainda está funcionando normal, mas quando o OBS detecta a janela do Minecraft (Tanto em "capture any...
  5. mc_crafter_tv

    OBS fps unstable

    My OBS Studio behaves very strangely. For a few minutes it was stable at 60fps and then it dropped down to 30fps for about a minute and then back to 60fps. To be more precise, I see in my FPS display that the FPS of the program itself is decreasing and with it the recording/stream. And this is...
  6. F

    Constant Frame and Bitrate Drop despite never changing a setting after a year

    Hey guys, I understand that you have probably received this exact prompt about a million times however I am just at my wits end. Basically I have been streaming on Twitch using OBS on this computer since March last year. And in that whole time between March-This last week (January 2024) I have...
  7. A

    Small Stutters / Check Settings Correct

    Hi Everybody, Decided to re-post as i am still not sure i have everything correctly. Originally i thought it was just a bit-rate problem. My intention is to Record gameplay at 60fps, 4k with no quality loss. Could someone kindly help me set this up? i have tried with numerous tutorials but i...
  8. D

    Gaming pc NDI to laptop stream

    Hi I use ndi to stream gaming My gaming pc monitor is 1440p I want to stream 1080 through my laptop to twitch. I want all the process will be through my laptop and my target is that the minimum process needed will be on my gaming pc. Should i downscale from my gaming pc 1440p to 1080p And then...
  9. Bl4nk44

    FPS drop after launching OBS

    Hi, I have a problem with games when I start OBS my FPS drops 20 down immediately. I am not streaming from my gaming PC only sending audio/video via NDI to the other computer. I don't understand why I have such drops as the CPU usage through OBS is about 1% and the GPU doesn't seem to have...
  10. Grane1234

    Recording being lower quality and frame rate than what the settings says

    For some reason whenever I finish recording and view the video that was made, it looks like it's 720p 30fps instead of what I have it set to, being 1080p 60fps. What's even weirder is that it only started doing this recently, my past videos I made in OBS were fine and played how I wanted them...
  11. N

    bad fps

    I have the following problem, and that is that I record at the resolution that I record, and whatever the fps, I have the problem that it records or gets stuck, what do I mean, I mean I record Minecraft, Minecraft, it works. For me 50 fps, well in real life it looks stuck and low fps, if I lower...
  12. D

    Can't find the 60fps setting for my webcam

    Hi, I've just bought hikvision ds-ul2 webcam that has 60fps framerate, but when I try to set the framerate, the maximum fps i can choose is just 30fps. Do I have to check or set anything else more? Thanks in advanced.
  13. Starsh1pTroop3r

    OBS says recording is 60fps, when it isn't

    I'm really new to OBS and I've had to figure out all of my settings with just youtube guides and various people helping me, and with that, I've gotten the best quality I can get for my hardware, with no impacts on performance either- there's just one problem.. No matter what I change or tweak...
  14. S

    What are the best settings for my specs and i dont want it to get like 5 fps

    CPU:Intel core I5 480m GPU:AMD Radeon HD 6370m RAM:6GB DDR3
  15. H

    OBS wrongly records 30 dfps while settings remain untouched

    Hi all, I noticed that when recording in OBS, the output isn't always consistent. I've got my settings set at 30 fps capped (non-drop frame) in OBS, but I'm noticing that it sometimes outputs 29.7/29.8, intead of the correct 30 fps. Any idea what's causing this? Could it be a perfomance issue...
  16. Stryhn

    Will OBS be downgraded if I cap my FPS to 30 for background apps in the Nvidia Control Panel?

    Just a little question for the quick ones! I was wondering if OBS would be deprioritized if I changed background apps to only run 30 fps in the Nvidia Control Panel? Wondering if the cap of 30 FPS would improve my streaming experience through the lowered GPU and CPU consumption? Thanks for...
  17. r_ad

    keyframe interval and max b-frames for high FPS recordings

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to perfect my obs settings as best as a can and so far it's been going well. I understand most terminology but two settings that I don't really understand very well are "keyframe interval" and "max b frames." It seems like most people recommend leaving both settings at...
  18. T

    Choppy FPS with ALL recording software - I'm at my wits end.

    So I'm having resolution/FPS issues with all my recording software I typically use, which includes OBS, XSplit and NVidia ShadowPlay. I use them all for different reasons, but I'm hoping maybe someone will catch something via OBS that may be impacting all the software across the board. I have...
  19. snaetos

    FPS and refresh rate drop drastically when recording/streaming Apex Legends

    So Ive had a recent issue with my OBS within the past 3 days that I've never had before in the past 6 months of me playing and capturing the game with OBS. I've had my FPS capped at 190 for a long time and it is very stable almost never dipping if it ever has. During random intervals my...
  20. A

    Game running smoothly but obs video lagging.

    so i wanna be able to record my gameplays in 1080 60fps 12mbps. i can do it at 30fps just fine but i want 60, problem is: with demanding games like ''nier:automata'', the video gets laggy, probably because of high gpu usage, this'd be fine if it wasn't for the fact that the game is running...