fps drop

  1. L

    Tengo problemas con mi transmisión de OBS (Cuadro ROJO, perdida de fps)

    Tengo un problema con mi obs, lo uso para transmitir en twich. En esta semana busque como poder solucionar mi problema en youtube o en foros y en ningún lugar aparece mi problema en específico. Todos los lugares dicen que baje la taza de bits rate, la resolución de emisión o los fps de 60 a 30...
  2. N


    found it
  3. F

    Only starting OBS, FiveM lags.

    Hello, how the title says, when I'm playing FiveM normally without OBS opened, the GTA V it's going fluid good without any problems but, when I only open the OBS, FPS drops inmediatly. I've tried with OBS 24.0.3 and more things trying to change configurations for example. When I see the...
  4. FelixTheKitty22

    FPS drops while recording

    So I have my Razer Ripsaw HD hooked up to my switch for video capture and recoding, when I watch the preview window and then go back and look at the recording they're both stuttering and lagging quite a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated in resolving this...
  5. YoXpertguyZ

    Laggy and choppy frames using GPUas encoder

    Hi I have a rx5600xt and when I use H264 AMD advanced media framework or H265 AMD advance media framework it lags and is really choppy it's fine in x264 but that's not the best quality and I want to use one of the other ones preferably H265 I tried the Auto Configuration Wizard and no luck I...
  6. O

    OBS lag on preview and recording

    OS: Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon Cinnamon Version: 4.8.6 Linux Kernel: 5.4.0-70-lowlatency ( I was using a regular kernel before switching to a low latency kernel) Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega Graphics x 4 RAM: 5.8 GBs Graphics Card: [AMD/ATI] Picasso Capture Card...
  7. Risen

    Frames missed due to rendering lag

    So I have a dual PC and on my streaming PC im just started getting half my fps (from 60 to 30+/-). Most forums and videos say to lower game quality but IM not running any games on my streaming PC. I confirmed virtual cam is not running and all my video sources are checked for "close when in...
  8. jvmc

    FPS and frames (rendering and encoding, NOT INTERNET) dropping suddenly during transmission.

    The title is self-explanatory. The problem happens suddenly, after approximately 30min/1h30min of transmission, and, sometimes, it "corrects" itself. It usually lasts more than half an hour. Which is extremely annoying. I've tried everything. All possible configurations. Both output and video. I...
  9. S

    FPS Drops on games as soon as I open OBS

    Hello guys please help me with this one. My games are just fine when I'm playing without OBS but as soon as I open OBS, just open it, the frames on my games just fluctuates from 43-60 fps. It's really annoying! I haven't had this issue before. This started happening when I changed my power...
  10. T

    OBS Game Capture uses all of my CPU

    Hello, I've recently started using OBS Studio to capture Minecraft for my YouTube channel. I've encountered an issue where OBS is using about 50% of my CPU when using the game capture source, it makes Minecraft drop from 120 FPS to 10 FPS even when I'm not recording/streaming. When I use display...
  11. S

    Recording fps drop issue

    I was trying to record valorant game at 60fps but I found that the recorded video is a little bit blur at some points. How to make my video 60fps consistent?
  12. M

    Drop FPS in OBS with Flight Simulator 2020 even if not streaming

    Hello everyone, I'm going crazy with FS2020. I would like to stream it but I have problem with OBS. I have two monitors: 1 MSI Optix MPG341CQR and another old ASUS, GPU XTX5700 Thick III Ultra, i9 9900K, 16GB ram. Basically also with only the app opened (so without streaming) when I click...
  13. S

    OBS Streamlabs Makes My Computer FPS Drop

    Hey guys, as seen in the title, when I open Streamlabs OBS, or even just regular OBS, my computer starts lagging really hard (FPS drop by more than 50%). It really annoys the hell out of me as I invested a lot in this computer. I kinda suck at coding and all that and wanted to know if any of you...
  14. N

    My CPU is dropping in framerate when i start recording?

    Hello! I have a i5 9400f that is boosted to 4.0Ghz and when i start recording with OBS it is going down to around 2-15fps in rendering speed. Why is that? It doecent effect the fps in the game, but i recently startet with youtube and i wounder why it does this? Greatfull for answers. :(...
  15. Hard Corps

    OBS FPS drop on output video

    I recently tried to record my gameplay using OBS on my low end PC. I use an AMD A4-9125 Radeon R3, 4 Compute Cores 2C+2G 2.30 GHz with 4GB RAM on 64bit operating system and x64 based processor. I'm trying to record my Minecraft Windows 10 Edition gameplay. When I play it didn't lag but when I...
  16. B


    I'm running on a RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 2600x, 16gb ram, and B450-M, but everytime I record valorant my fps drops from 200 stable to 80-90 for some reason. I also tried monitoring my task manager for GPU% and it goes up around 65%. Here are the logs for the times it fps dropped.
  17. C

    In-Game performance drops while using Restream?

    Hello. I used to multistream to Mixer and Twitch with SLOBS (with no issues), but wanted to try my hand at YouTube and Twitch with OBS Studio. I've never had any issues solo streaming to Twitch with OBS Studio, but have had some pretty significant in-game performance drops. It looked like my...
  18. H

    FPS drops and ping increases in two pc stream

    Hey guys i am using two pc stream setup when i start streaming or recording my ping goes to 400+ and ultimately loss my fps which is really a frustrating moment. Anyone knows about the solution to this problem.. I have searched through google but did not find anything helpful. My internet is...
  19. Z

    [LOG FILE INCLUDED] Minecraft Inventory FPS Drop

    Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/h0F5SaA3LfRxoFGG So I'm recording at 30FPS and using VSync on minecraft to get a relatively stable 60FPS in game. As soon as I open my inventory however or any other sort of GUI, FPS drops dramatically to like 20 and then stabilizes back to 30. Any idea why...
  20. D

    Question / Help Stream and Recording is not on 60 FPS?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to OBS and tried to stream using it. I usually streamed CS:GO and F1 2019, both are face-paced games and need at least 60 fps to be comfortable to watch. My average FPS on CS:GO is always about 70 fps and on f1 2019 is ranging from 35 to 120 fps. Here are two of my log files...